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Yugioh(GX included too)


Which Yugioh series do you like the most?

  • The original Yugioh series, Yami yugi rocks!!

    Votes: 101 67.3%
  • Yugioh Gx, the idea of a dueling school pwns!!

    Votes: 49 32.7%

  • Total voters
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Jan 8, 2006
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hmmm...i was thinking baout that to...cause he does wear all that black..which is hawt XD hmmm....he might be because he was told that he had to start over again when he came back from the other school >.> i havent heard that rumor yet o-o; wow! hmmmmm....i also think Zane is really cute ^^

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Jun 6, 2005
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i've seen the show and i honestly don't think it's terrible but isn't good either about the same as the first Yu-Gi-Oh. and also now you canj disagree with this if you want but for an island in the middle of no where that invites children to play a card game there certainly are some #$%@&! up things going on on that island. experimentation for illegally purchased monkeys that can talk via a mind reader machine, haunted souls trying to dispose of people, a guy who hides out in the wilderness because he thinks he can learn how to play card games easier that way, tha bility to see imaginary monster thingys that don't actually exist*aka pot*, a guy who thinks he's basically a hitman and the Shadow Games thingy in that same last episode i wastalking about. yeah next thing you know they'll be a haunted crack stand for them to investigate and dueling crack dealers. so rather than pump caps into them they duel them and lose like always.


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Dec 7, 2005
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4KidsEntertainment can eat dog crap for all I care for turning a pretty confound deep story into...dog crap...(guess that means they should eat their own creation). It may be for kids but can you imagine the mass of children who already know of the crap being made by translators? (Those kids who didn't know are ignorant and will fail in school -_-) I will tell you the crap put in the American version:

1) "Heart of the cards" - What an idiotic emo-ish theme. The Japanese version didn't have this shit. In the japanese version, it was "the cards may give me something good or I'm killed".

2) Graphics - Monster relife (Monster Reborn here) was a cross. "That's everything a non-christian fears! OH! NO! CHANGE THE PICTURE! WHILE YOU'RE AT IT, TAKE AWAY ALL VIOLENCE AND REPLACE ALL BLOOD WITH WATER"

3) Death - Even Celebi at the end of the Pokemon Movie was about to die. No one in YuGiOh America dies. They get sent to the "shadow realm", which does not exist in Japanese version. I guess the "shadow realm" is hell because apparently, when you're about to drop 500 feet from the sky from losing a duel, you automatically are transported to hell.

4) Non-sense - Too many goof ups in the American version. Since 4Kids did such a bad job at censorship, they destroy any coverups of goofs in the plot.

5) Lip Syncing - I know what you're thinking "It's anime. They don't lip sync". That's not the point I will make. Anzu (Or TEA for you American watching bastards xD) can amazingly speak without the camera being on her face and she can speak paragraph speeches without any sign of her on the screen. Runon sentences also additional to the fact characters can speak without moving their lips at times as well.

6) Taking away any sentimental value - during the japanese version, you were able to be given at least ten seconds of silence. No characters speak which adds to the atmosphere. I suppose kids like it that people are speaking EVERY SECOND of the show


Okay, enough bashing YuGiOh America.

GX is more of an "action" based show in comparison to YuGiOh's original series. A duel is always completed and every episode needs one. It's not really my taste. It's not quite plot developed for me to become interested. (I've never seen the American version and I don't plan to)


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Jan 3, 2006
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I've watched every season of YuGiOh, cept for Dawn of the Duel, which I didnt like. YuGiOh GX is pretty cool. I still play the game...>.>
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