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New profile posts

Hey Spock, out of curiosity, what are your profile image and bottom art from?
Oracle Spockanort
Oracle Spockanort
It's from a Chinese wuxia drama called "The Untamed". It's about an "evil" man who is brought back to life by a strange curse and he has to figure out the mystery of how he was brought back and why, which lead into a larger murder mystery in the story.

It's based on a series of highly popular (and I mean super popular) romance novels in China called "Mo Dao Zu Shi", but the difference between the novels and the books is that the main characters are gay in the books while the show is not a romance and is primarily about the murder/mystery component.

The show is really good and I recommend it if you have Netflix. If you don't, there is a completely re-edited version of it on YouTube for free by Tencent called "The Untamed - Special Edition" which cuts about 20 episodes from the show and makes it a bit easier to watch.

There is also an animation which is amazing and can get really intense. Both seasons are up on YT right now for free with closed captions in English.
Well I'll definitely check it out then (1st episode already in a tab). Thanks for the recommendation!
Oracle Spockanort
Oracle Spockanort
No problem! I hope you enjoy it!

(And yeah censorship sucks and I hope one day China will be free from that, but they did what they could in the story to make it clear they are each other's most important person)
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I didn't realize rating notifications were on by default, I will keep the ratings to a bare minimum.
Oracle Spockanort
Oracle Spockanort
It’s fine! It’s nice to see you reading through everything you’ve missed since you were on the forum but yeah xD it was shocking to see the amount of notifications that were rushing in.
I was shocked you could actually see me!

I don't have anything else to add here so I thought I'd ask how to unlock more ratings? I've seen a thoughtful emoticon here a few times, are the others behind a paywall?
I felt nostalgic and decided to hop on here for old times sake.

Life update:

I'm nearing my thirty's. It won't be till next year before I leave my twenties behind, but damn. I didn't expect myself to be concerned about household appliances this late in life. Or starting a new path/chapter in life in about a month and a half from now. Which I can't talk about yet because reasons. And I'm equal parts excited and nervous about. (Mostly nervous. Because I'm afraid of screwing things up. Even if nothing has quite happened yet.) I'm still with Mite after eight years and still going strong. I feel like if I had a chart about the person I am now versus back then, I'd say parts of me have grown, while other areas still have room for improvement. For example, I don't stay up nearly as late as I used to. Admittedly, I still struggle to wake up early. Unless there's coffee. My interests have changed a lot too. I listen to a lot of podcasts nowadays. I don't game or watch anime nearly as much as I used to. It's become a bit of a struggle to watch anime lately. However, I still read manga off of Shonen Jump. And I still like shows like Red vs Blue. Tons of hype for RvB Zero! Otherwise, my family is mostly in good health. And my folks acquired some fish to look after at the tail end of 2019. I didn't quite expect it to involve into four fish tanks for us to take care of though. Thankfully, we still have a dog. And any future plans I had, much like everyone else's has been thrown out the window because of the pandemic. Should the pandemic ever end, I'm hoping to revisit the beach or a movie theater or a fair. I'm keeping it small because, I don't like crowds or people.

Edit: Actually, I want to make strawberry jam. I miss having that on toast.

Not related at all, I keep misspelling stuff a lot lately. It's like I lost the ability to spell and use grammar correctly after leaving the forum for good in 2018. (Which means I wasn't on my laptop as much anymore.) I still love Kingdom Hearts, but I'm not picking up MoM this year. I'll wait until the next major title comes out before potentially picking up the series again. And I do... sometimes I really do miss the friendships I used to have on here or outside of here. Or the life I had on the forum, where it became my constant place to be. KHI was my whole world for a long, long time. Thinking back on it, I remember hounding the SE site and KHI for news updates for a year straight for future KH titles. Back when 358/2 Days and BBS and Coded were a thing. I definitely don't have that in me now. I miss the times I attempted to write fanfiction or roleplay. Or would hop into forum insanity to have that last post which involved into having the circle. And it was both time consuming and fun trying to contribute to the community on here too. Nowadays, it'll forever be a memory to hold onto now to look back fondly on.

I'm not sure why I'm typing this all out. Perhaps as something to look back on. Similar to a time capsule. And as parting words, wash your hands, wear a mask, and respect other people's personal spaces.
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