Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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It sinks into the ground while moving, so timing is the key to defeating it.

The moment it surfaces, attack away!



An extremely agile Heartless.

It dives into shadows before it pops up in front of its enemy and delivers a rolling attack. The Neoshadow moves in the shadows, making it a difficult opponent to fight.

Gargoyle Knight

ソードスタチュー (Sword Statue)

Although it looks like an ordinary statue, it attacks with no warning.

Immune to magic, it can attack from any range. Parry its attacks for a chance to use reaction commands.

Gargoyle Warrior

アックススタチュー (Axe Statue)

Although it looks like an ordinary statue, it attacks with no warning. Immune to magic, it is skilled in ranged attacks.

Fully avoid its spinning attacks for reaction commands. If timed well, it can be defeated in a single blow.



A Heartless that appeared in Beast's Castle. It possessed the dungeon doors, turning it into Thresholder.

It had the power to conceal itself, but had very few other powers.


ゲートガーディアン (Gate Guardian)

The doors possessed by Possessor that attacked Sora and his friends.

Possessor was separated from the doors with Release, in which the power of the Keyblade was poured into the keyhole blocked by its arms.

Dark Thorn

ブラックソーン (Black Thorn)

A liberated version of Shadow Stalker that appeared in Beast's Castle.

It appeared and disappeared while running wild, creating a chaotic battle for Sora and his friends.

Shadow Stalker

ダークストーカー (Dark Stalker)

A Heartless that attacked Belle in Beast's Castle.

It jumped around on the floor, pillars, and chandelier of the ballroom, creating mayhem.



It unleashes decent attacks from every angle. Stay alert when fighting it!

It counterattacks with a kick, so retaliate with Cyclone to float in midair and unleash combo attacks!

Large Body


It will block attacks dealt from the front, so a good option is to perform a series of combos from behind, finishing with Full Swing.

When enraged it will repeatedly tackle its target. That's the time to use reaction commands. Use Kickback to finish the battle!

Silver Rock


It quickly disappears into a ball of light, setting off an explosion when it reappears. Use reaction commands when it's in light form.

It easily resists magic, so don't be shy about using the Keyblade!

Spring Metal


To make up for its lack of movement, it uses many moves to draw Sora, Donald and Goofy towards itself. If left alone, the battle will become troublesome, so if it should appear, focus on this first. Magic isn't very effective against it, so bash it with the Keyblade!

Emerald Blues


Attack from a safe distance, while watching out for its sudden tackle. When its HP gets low, a tornado forms, drawing the enemy close.

It easily resists magic, so don't be shy about using the Keyblade!

Crimson Jazz


It chases its target with determination while scattering mines, so be wary when fighting this creature.

When its HP gets low, it places a large mine. Avoid it before it explodes. It easily resists magic, so don't be shy about using the Keyblade!

Fat Bandit


Immune to fire magic, it parries most attacks dealt from the front. Use the Rush attack from behind and defeat it with a combo attack.

Parry its fire bombs for a chance to unleash Full Swing!

Wight Knight


It merely wanders around, but once attacked, it attacks persistently. Parry its attacks to ward it off.

Air Pirate


Its swiftness makes it hard to attack, so wait until it is still before attacking. Use magic to stop its movements.

Avoid its retaliating tackling kicks by using the reaction commands!

Air Viking


Because it attacks so quickly, there is hardly any time in which this Heartless's guard is down. By using attacks like Magic, halt it in its tracks. Its chain of kicks it lets out is when it's most susceptible to damage. Counter with a Reaction Command!

Creeper Plant


It stays in place and shoots seeds. Use reaction commands when it counterattacks with its roots. Use Root Ravager to uproot and attack surrounding enemies at once!



It restores the HP of surrounding enemies. Use Heal Stomp with the right timing to heal the party.

When attacked, it may call for help, so be sure to defeat it immediately.

Tornado Step


It attacks as it moves, so once it starts spinning, stop its movements with reaction commands.

Use Tornado Ride and grab the enemy for a free ride while attacking surrounding enemies.

Trick Ghost


It has two faces, both of which need to be fought differently.

When in the air, move in close to seal its long-range attacks. When on the ground, move far away to avoid its short-range attacks.

Magic Phantom


A two-faced Heartless. When floating, the Keyblade poses no threat to it. However, its magic attacks can be reflected. If those hit, this Heartless will stop floating, allowing for attacks to hit.

Rabid Dog

マッドドッグ (Mad Dog)

It won't move until approached, so move in swiftly and attack.

It becomes tired and lets its guard down after counterattacks. Attack then for an easy battle.

Hook Bat


It generally flies around scoping the area. When it swoops, use Bat Battery to capture it and attack surrounding enemies.

After this attack, use combos while in the air to defeat it.



This Heartless will confuse Sora with its rapid movement. Use the Reaction Command "Bat Battery" to attack this and surrounding enemies. Note that Blizzard-based Magic has no effect on this Heartless.



A great mage who can handle all three types of elemental magic.

It bears a striking resemblance to Red Nocturne, Blue Rhapsody, and Yellow Opera when changing stance for use of each magic. It is immune to all magic, and should be defeated immediately.

Rune Master


An incredible magician Heartless with much magic power. It uses 3 powerful elemental Magics. It also uses its book as a shield, so when attacking using the Keyblade, be sure to time it.

Minute Bomb


When attacked, it counts down for self-detonation. Use Dodge Roll seconds before the explosion to lure surrounding enemies into it.

To play it safe, parry its tackles to make it lose its will to fight.

Hammer Frame

ハンマーボディ (Hammer Body)

It taps the ground to create a sonic wave. Jump to avoid the wave and defeat it with combos.

When its HP gets low, it attacks with a series of tackles, so defeat it immediately!

Iron Hammer


A Heartless that, while jumping, will use a spin attack. Be careful of the shockwave resulting from it bashing the ground. This Heartless is open to attacks right before it strikes.

Bulky Vendor


A rare Heartless that can be found in certain worlds. It appears when you poke around various areas of the map.

It only appears in certain areas, and once it appears, it will not appear in that area for a while. Use the reaction command to get items. Figure out its secret pattern to get specific items.



It uses and is immune to all ice magic.

When its HP gets low, it uses magic to try to freeze its target. Try counterattacking with Clear Shot.

Cannon Gun

エイミングキャノン (Aiming Cannon)

It shoots bombs from afar, so defeat it immediately. Avoid areas of potential bomb drops while attacking.

It runs off when approached, so follow it closely and defeat it.

Silent Launcher


It will carefully view the enemy before opening fire. This Heartless will fire at your weakened allies, so be cautious. Fire and Thunder based Magic don't seem to have much of an effect on it.

Rapid Thruster


It attacks in a group, so be ready to attack with reaction commands. Start with Speed Trap, followed by the wide Aero Blade attack.

It chases its target with determination when counterattacking. Run!

Driller Mole

モールドリル (Mole Drill)

It moves underground, so follow the clouds of dust for its position.

Use a finishing move to lure it out of the ground. Attack when its face pops out of the ground!

Lance Soldier


The soldier and lance don't get along, so it will be easy to catch this enemy off guard.

When its HP gets low, the lance goes nuts. Grab it with Lance Tug to attack surrounding enemies. A good strategy is to lower its HP and wait for the chance to use Lance Tug.

Lance Warrior


This Heartless's body and spear don't seem to get along very well, leaving it open for many attacks. Note that its piercing attack will send Sora flying. The Reaction Command "Lance Tug" can be used against it.

Morning Star


When its HP gets low, it unleashes its Press attack. Use Bump and Meteor Strike for a counterattack combo!

Meteor Strike can be done in succession, so make sure to grab surrounding enemies as well!

Fiery Globe


It runs before it attacks, making its movements easy to read.

It has little HP and is weak against ice. Use ice magic to defeat it.

Icy Cube


It jumps before it attacks, making its movements easy to read.

It has little HP and is weak against fire. Use fire magic to defeat it.

Luna Bandit


It backs away during combat, so close in with thrust attacks.

Catch it off guard after parrying its attacks to defeat it.



It boldly approaches its target, but catch it off guard after it attacks.

It summons persistent ghouls when it turns into a headstone. Defeat it before it has a chance to call forth these annoying ghouls.

Toy Soldier


It merely sits and waits for the enemy to come closer, so attack from afar.

When it turns into a box, it begins to attack from a distance, making it impossible to close in on.



It shoots bullets from midair, but only in a forward direction.

Its movement speed increases when retaliating, so defeat it while it's flying slowly.

Hot Rod


It attacks and withdraws quickly, making it hard to hit. Use magic to defeat this enemy.

When its HP gets low, it moves around even quicker, so be sure to defeat it as soon as possible.

Mad Bumper


Due to its extremely heavy body, hitting it away won't cause it to fly away. When its attacks are interrupted or guarded, it will become frustrated and enter a berserker state. Fire-based Magic don't damage it at all. Its weakness is, however, Blizzard-based Magic.

Assault Rider


Avoid getting hit with its spear by using the well-guarded Jump attack to defeat it.

When HP gets low, its attacks begin to get bold. Use big attacks to defeat it before it uses its explosive attack.



It jumps around while attacking persistently, so attack it and defeat it immediately.

Watch out for its powerful counterattack.

Bolt Tower


It has very high defense, and can only take damage in the face. Attack the face!

If caught by its snag laser, use the reaction command Bolt Reversal continuously to escape. If successful, a big explosion will unleash damage upon nearby enemies.

Magnum Loader


It moves in a clockwise motion around its target, so keep that in mind when attacking.

It moves swiftly, so attack in the few instances it shows its movements.

Keep an eye out to avoid and counter its high-speed tackle with Quick Blade.


イレイザー (Eraser)

It moves in a clockwise motion around its target, so keep that in mind when attacking.

Make sure to close in, as it attacks far away targets with a laser.


ターミネーター (Terminator)

It can fly around or transform into a tank. In the air, it follows its target around, so keep a fair distance. The tank attacks from afar, so close in while dodging the cannons.

Watch out for the electric attack unleashed during its transformation!



A Heartless that finds itself never stopping and always moving. It will use a spin attack to startle Sora and then attack with a powerful bolt of lightning. Note that Thunder-based Magic doesn't work.

Living Bone


Make sure to dodge its strong attacks as they deal huge damage. Weaken it instantly by crushing its head with the reaction command!

With a shaman, it powers up to unleash deadly curses, but merely defeat it as you would a shaman.



It attacks from afar and moves around very little. It is very magic-resistant and nullifies all attacks while taking on its mask form.

The cursed flame it occasionally unleashes firmly chases its target, but it can be used advantageously with reaction commands!



A Heartless with the ability to become invisible. Although Lock-On doesn't work when this enemy is invisible, if a hit is landed, then it won't be able to disappear for a little while. When it's in its mask form, no attacks have any effect on it. After attacking, its guard is down, so focus when fighting this Heartless.

Aerial Knocker


Once the battle begins, there is no fleeing.

It has three types of punches, so figure out which it will unleash and choose an appropriate strategy.

Its tackling punch is powerful, so defeat it quickly with successive reaction commands!

Aerial Champ


If it chooses a prey, it won't ever let it run. It will stop in the air to punch its target repeatedly. This Heartless punches in three different ways, but it gives signs as to which punch will be used. Learn the patterns and strike accordingly.

Armored Knight

アーマーナイト (Armor Knight)

It charges its target in a group. Use the reaction command Rising Sun when it jumps into the sky, as it is about to unleash a tackling attack.

Use Rising Sun in succession for various combos!

Surveillance Robot

サーヴィランス (Surveillance)

Use reaction Commands Snag, then Sparkle Ray to attack surrounding enemies with a laser!

Keep an eye out for opportunities to use reaction commands even if the laser attack is parried!



A Heartless called forth in Port Royal by Pete.

It had glowing eyes and a lantern on its tail, which was used to absorb light and create darkness to help Barbossa, whose weakness was moonlight.

Prison Keeper


A Heartless called forth in Halloween Town by Maleficent to get revenge on Sora.

It held Lock, Shock, and Barrel captive while dealing various elemental attacks.

Volcanic Lord

ボルケーノロード (Volcano Lord)

A Heartless called forth by greedy Pete in Agrabah. It appeared with Blizzard Lord.

It was weak against ice, but it tormented Sora and his friends with its use of fire.

Blizzard Lord


A Heartless called forth by greedy Pete in Agrabah. It appeared with Volcanic Lord.

It was weak against fire, but it tormented Sora and his friends with its use of ice.

Storm Rider


A giant Heartless that appeared in the sky of the Land of Dragons. An intense battle was fought by Sora above the palace.

Originally a creature that gave strength to the earth and people, it was turned into a Heartless.

Grim Reaper


A Heartless that appeared in Port Royal, it was said to be born from the curse of the Aztec gold.

Using the curse to become undead, it became a ghoul, making it hard to be defeated.



A giant Heartless that appeared in the Pride Land. He was created by the many illusions of Scar.

The main body on the back of the creature controlled its bones, creating chaos in the savannah.

Mushroom XIII


No. 1
A Heartless that moves quickly and deals sharp attacks. It's the strongest of its group.

Hit it to get points! Time it so if it uses Reversal, you can use Reversal yourself to make a big opening!

No. 2
An aggressive Heartless that spreads shots of magic in succession.

Dodge its shots to earn points! Aim for even higher points by reflecting its shots!

No. 3
A clumsy Heartless that drops valuable prizes here and there.

Pursue it to pick up its prizes. Because it's rushing, it'll occasionally drop lots of prizes.

No. 4
A Heartless that enjoys chasing Sora. Enjoys playing tag.

It will continue to summon allies to chase Sora. Don't get caught in its attacks and defeat them one by one.

No. 5
A tough Heartless that restores health when sleeping.

Bash it hard and don't lose to how quickly it heals itself.

No. 6
A Heartless that summons doppelgangers and has them attack using different formations.

Tell one formation from another and defeat this one quickly!

No. 7
A very dangerous Heartless that's always raging.

Approaching it will cause it to knock you away. Attack it from a distance using magic to defeat it.

No. 8
A Heartless that sits on the ground, waiting to be pulled right out.

If pulled out, continue attacking it. Don't let it touch the ground!

No. 9
A Heartless that will start spinning if hit. Enjoys dancing.

Attack it relentlessly to keep it from stopping.

No. 10
Summons frauds to attack Sora.

If you find the real one, attack it at once.

No. 11
A Heartless that's being bugged by numbers pursuing it.

Attack it to lower the number. The key is to make it 0 as quickly as possible.

No. 12
Warps to various locations and ridicules Sora.

Use long ranged magic attacks or lock on to it in order to defeat it.

No. 13
A mysterious Heartless that appeared with a divine light.

After seeing proof that the rest of its group had been defeated, it entrusted to Sora a treasure spoken of for generations.








Hunter Bomb

タイニーボマー (Tiny Bomb)



Hunter X Bomb

タイニーボマーR (Tiny Bomb R)

Hunter X

ファイナルハンター (Final Hunter)

Pirate Ship

ゴーストシップ (Ghost Ship)

Reaper's Wheel




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