Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Who do you prefer to play as in Kingdom Hearts 3D?

Sora - 100%
Riku - 0%

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Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- features 110 trophies between the three games. This is broken down into:

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: 49 - Bronze; 4 - Silver; 2 - Gold; 1 - Platinum.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories: 36 - Bronze; 9 - Silver; 2 - Gold; 1 - Platinum

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: 3 - Bronze; 3 - Gold




 KINGDOM HEARTS Master Obtained all trophies  Platinum
 Proud Player Clear Final Mix on Proud  Gold 
 Final Mix Master Clear Final Mix  Silver 
 Novice Player Clear Final Mix on Beginner  Bronze
 Unchanging Armor Clear the game without changing equipment  Silver 
 Undefeated Cleared game without using a continue  Silver
 Speedster Defeat the World of Chaos in the End of the World within 15 hours.  Gold
He Who Doesn't Exist Defeat the Mysterious Man in Hollow Bastion  Bronze 
The Cloaked Shadow Defeat the Phantom at the Clock Tower  Bronze
 The Sandy Blade Defeat Kurt Zisa in Agrabah  Bronze
 Novice Hero Win the Phil Cup  Bronze
 Artisan Hero Win the Pegasus Cup  Bronze
 Hero of the Coliseum Win the Hercules Cup  Bronze
Coliseum Champion Win the Hades Cup  Bronze
 The Frosty Giant  Defeat the Ice Titan in the Gold Match at Olympus Coliseum  Bronze
 One-Winged Angel Defeat Sephiroth in the Platinum Match at Olympus Coliseum  Bronze
 Supreme Soloist Complete any solo challenge  Bronze
 Time Attacker Complete any time trial challenge  Bronze
 Level Master Get Sora to Level 100  Silver
 Treasure Hunter  Open 100 treasure chests  Bronze
 From Rags to Riches Obtain over 10, 000 Munny  Bronze
 Heartless Hunter Defeat over 2000 Heartless  Bronze

 Where the Bells Toll


Seal the keyhole in Traverse Town  Bronze

The Rabbit Hole

Seal the keyhole in Wonderland  Bronze

Junior Hero

Seal the keyhole in Olympus Coliseum  Bronze

 Member of the Tribe

Seal the keyhole in Deep Jungle  Bronze

Magic Lamp

Seal the keyhole in Agrabah  Bronze

Honest Soul

Escape from Monstro  Bronze

 Master of the Seas

Seal the keyhole in Atlantica  Bronze

Pumpkin Prince

Seal the keyhole in Halloween Town  Bronze

Pixie Dust

Seal the keyhole in Wonderland  Bronze
 End of the World Seal the keyhole in Hollow Bastion  Bronze

 Pooh's Friend

Seal the keyhole in 100 Acre Woods  Bronze

 Record Keeper

Collect all Jiminy's Journal entries  Bronze


Collect all Story entires in Jiminy's Journal  Bronze


Collect all Ansem Reports in Jiminy's Journal  Bronze


Collect all Character entries in Jiminy's Journal  Bronze

 Top Dog

Collect all 101 Dalmatians entries in Jiminy's Journal  Bronze

Best Friend

Collect all Trinity List entries in Jiminy's Journal  Bronze

 Mini-Game Maniac

Collect all Mini-game entries in Jiminy's Journal  Bronze

 Synthesis Master

Sythesize all items  Bronze

 First Synthesist

Synthesize an item for the first time  Bronze

 Synthesist Novice

Sythesize 3 types of items  Bronze

 Synthesist Amateur

Sythesize 15 types of items  Bronze

 Synthesist Vet

Sythesize 30 types of items  Bronze

 Gummi Ship Collector 

Obtained all gummi ship blueprints  Bronze
 Flying Ace Shoot down over 2,500 enemies with your gummi ship  Bronze
 Customizer Modify a gummi ship and update the data  Bronze

 Top Gun

Clear all gummi ship courses  Bronze

 Test Pilot

Clear gummi ship mission 1  Bronze

 Veteran Pilot

Clear gummi ship mission 2  Bronze
 Ace Pilot Clear gummi ship mission 3  Bronze
 Oathkeeper Obtain the Oathkeeper keychain  Bronze
 Blade Master Obtain all keychains  Bronze
 Magic Magician Obtain all staves  Bronze
 Master Defender Obtain all shields  Bronze


KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories  


Obtained all trophies.  Platinum

Game Clear: Proud with Sora

Clear Proud Mode with Sora and watched the ending.  Silver

Game Clear: Proud with Riku

Clear Proud Mode with Riku and watched the ending  Silver


Clear game without using a continue.  Silver

 Natural Player Sora

Clear Sora's Story on Standard.  Bronze

 Natural Player Riku

Clear Riku's Story on Standard.  Bronze

Novice Player Sora

Clear Sora's Story on Beginner.  Bronze

Novice Player Riku

Clear Riku's Story on Beginner.  Bronze

Veggie Master

Get a score of 150 points or higher in the Veggie Panic mini-game.  Bronze

Ace Pilot

Get a score of 500 points or higher in the Balloon Glider mini-game.  Bronze

High Jumper

Get a score of 120 points or higher in Tigger's Jump-a-Thin mini-game.  Bronze

 Sky Diver

Get a score of 2,000 points or higher in the Whirewind Plunge mini-game  Bronze

Bee Buster


Clear all 70 bees within 1 minute and 40 seconds in the Bumble-Buster mini-game.  Bronze

A Slumber to Remember


Clear Sora's story mode.  Bronze

Sleight Master


Obtain all of Sora's sleights.  Silver

Card of Memories

Clear Castle Oblivion 1F.  Bronze

Woven Memories

Clear Castle Oblivion 5F.  Bronze

The Truth

Clear Castle Oblivion 13F.  Bronze

Road to Dawn

Clear Riku's story mode.  Bronze

Hard Hitter

Obtain all attack bonuses for Riku.  Bronze

Confronting with Darkness

Clear Castle Oblivion B12F.  Bronze

Challenge from the Inner Darkness

Clear Castle Oblivion B8F.  Bronze

Overcoming the Darkness

Clear Castle Oblivion B1F.  Bronze

Complete Record

Completed all of Jiminy's Journal.  Gold

Card Master Sora

Collect all Card Collection entries in Jiminy's Journal.


Storyteller Sora

Collect all Story entries in Jiminy's Journal.  Bronze

Character Professor Sora

Collect all Character entries in Jiminy's Journal.  Bronze

Mini-game Maniac Sora

Collect all Mini-game entries in Jiminy's Journal.  Bronze

Record Keeper Riku


Complete all D Report entries.  Gold

 Card Master Riku


Collect all Card Collection entries in D Report.  Silver

Storyteller Riku


Collect all Story entires in the D Report.  Bronze

Character Professor Riku


Collect all Character entries in the D Report.  Bronze

Novice Deck Builder


Edit a card deck for the first time.  Bronze

Expert Deck Builder


Edit a card deck 500 times.  Bronze

Premium Card Maker

Make 20 cards become Premium Cards.  Bronze

No Escape

Clear the game without escaping from a single battle.  Silver

Level Counter Limit: Sora

 Sora has reached the highest level.  Silver

Level Counter Limit: Riku

 Riku has reached the highest level.  Silver

 Card Breaker


Break an enemies card 1,500 times.  Bronze

Tightrope Walker

Replenish HP when you have less than 5% HP.  Bronze



Strike an enemy before entering battle 150 times.   Bronze

Duel Master


Win 100 duels.  Bronze

Battle Card Collector


Obtain over 300 battle cards.   Bronze

Moogle Mogul

Get over 10,000 Moogle Points.   Bronze

Regular Customer

Use over 20,000 Moogle Points at Moogle Shops.  Bronze

 Room Creator


Sythesize 300 rooms.  Bronze

 Treasure Hunter


Open 10 chests from hidden rooms.  Bronze

 Ace Striker


Hit an enemy with an object.  Bronze


 358/2 Days Master Obtain all trophies.  Gold
 Dear Diary View all entries in Roxas's Diary.  Gold
 Special Investigator View all Secret Reports.  Gold
 Days of Connection View Chapters 1 through 37.  Bronze
 Days of Reflection  View Chapters 38 through 74.  Bronze
 Where the Heart Lies View Chapters 75 through 109.  Bronze

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