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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Japanese Release Date - May 30 2009
North America Release Date - September 29 2009
European Release Date - October 9 2009
Australian Release Date - October 22 2009
System - Nintendo DS

Set between KINGDOM HEARTS and KINGDOM HEARTS II is the year long tale of KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days (read: 358 Days over two). The story follows Roxas, the Nobody born when Sora became a Heartless in order to free Kairi's Heart and prevent the Keyhole to Darkness from exploding. He joins Organization XIII and quickly befriends Axel and Xion, two members who, like himself, want nothing but to become whole. Both Roxas and Xion possess Keyblades, yet they don't remember their pasts. With things never being as they appear, the two struggle to seek answers. Will their pasts reveal who they used to be, and how they received their Keyblades? And what is their relation to Sora, the boy slumbering so he can recover his Memories the Organization scattered?

A week has passed since Roxas joined Organization XIII, a group made out of Nobodies – human beings who lost their Hearts. They strive to become whole again and thus wish to complete Kingdom Hearts, a force that can give them Hearts of their own. That is a task only Roxas can help them with by using his Keyblade, a legendary weapon no other member possesses. That is, until the fourteenth member, Xion, is introduced, sharing both Roxas's age and his ability to wield the Keyblade. Time and effort are put into their education and training, yet the two still manage to find time to themselves in Twilight Town, a sleepy city at the edge of Light and Darkness. There, they meet with Axel, a senior member of the Organization. The three learn the meaning of Friendship together over the salty-sweet flavor of sea-salt ice cream.

The days hardly go by idly, however. Not only do the three have to deal with the never-ending missions assigned by the Organization, they also have their own circumstances to face. Being closest to Saix, the Organization's second in command, nets Axel the ickiest of jobs. Unless he wants to become a Dusk and lose his human self, he has little choice but to oblige. Roxas sees flashes of a boy in red wherever he goes, ones resembling his memories yet with someone else in the middle of them. Fearing he's losing his mind, Roxas begins to question himself while trying to hang onto what he has. Aside from the duties assigned by Saix, he longs for the ice-cream sessions on top of the clock tower in Twilight Town with Axel and Xion. And in the meanwhile, Xion faces off against Riku, a young man deemed an Organization impostor. He wears the coat worn by all members yet isn't one himself, and seems to have a keen interest in Xion and her Keyblade. His words leave her shaken and distraught and it doesn't help at all when Saix begins to treat her as a nuisance.

The doubts slowly grow within each member of the trio. Unable to balance their own dilemmas and each other's needs, their friendship is put to the ultimate test. Can Roxas and Xion truly trust Axel, who keeps so much from them? Without remembering his past and where he came from, can Roxas know where he's headed? If he's where he belongs? Xion turns ironically to Riku, who seems to have all the answers, but what will she choose? Staying with the friends she cares for so deeply, or setting things as they should be, and put an end to Sora's sleep? Their friendship might not last their misguided decisions as the days pass by.

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