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    Spoilers ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Re Mind DLC Spoiler Discussion Thread

    There are so many scenes that I wish they would’ve integrated within the main game. Hoping if they do decide to release a “Final Mix” version, they do this.
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    Here’s what Xion and kairi need in my opinion!

    Every major character has had SOME impact on the story besides her. Me having something “against” has nothing to do with my point. Facts are facts. Whether I stan for her or not, she’s not an important factor to the story at all. But go off 🤷‍♂️
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    Here’s what Xion and kairi need in my opinion!

    Why do you keep mentioning Days? No one ever said that game would be better or more interesting without Xion, because obviously her character was written FOR that story. So of course, removing her from that story would make it boring. Obviously, if she was never introduced to the series and a...
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    Here’s what Xion and kairi need in my opinion!

    Xion is honestly the most useless character imo. She holds no significance at all. The main story could’ve gone exactly the same way without her. I can’t even see her having any importance in the next saga either.
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    How can FF Characters be utilised in KH

    if they ever decide to add Treasure Planet as a world, FF12 characters would fit perfectly. Especially Balthier.
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    I was hoping for a physical version

    If they did reprint it, the English dialogue for Japan would probably still be downloadable
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    I was hoping for a physical version

    Oh I didn’t know that. 😅
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    I was hoping for a physical version

    Darn. I wish there was a physical “Final Mix” edition that included everything on the disc, kinda like FF15 Royal Edition. It would’ve been nice to have for collectors. 😪
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Screenshots and Renders Released

    At least Setzer and Vivi would’ve made sense appearing in Twilight Town because they’re residents of it, even if they were just non interactable bystanders. But yeah, for the Gullwings to appear in a world that isn’t explotable and clearly just for cutscenes, would make no sense. They had no...
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    What are the most annoying enemies in the series?

    Out of all the Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, and Dream Eaters (not including bosses), what are the most annoying to you? Here are my picks: Invisible Anchor Raider Hot Rod Assault Rider Devastator Emerald Blues Graveyard Neoshadow (in CoM) Tank Toppler Mandrake Drill Sye Aura Lion Dancer...
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    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC trailer, Release Dates Announced

    I’m wondering with FF characters returning, Sephiroth will be a secret boss 🤔 ....it would be veeeeeery good promo for FF7R
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    What is your most attractive male KH character?

    1. Terra 2. Luxord 3. Marluxia
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    How can the story be "fixed" going forward?

    At this point, who knows? The story was already overwhelming after what DDD revealed. Thankfully everything that had to do with Xehanort has been wrapped up, but the story of UX is so incredibly confusing and so much more of a mess than the Xehanort saga was. All of that and now this Verum Rex...