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Hi Ballad, I know that my posts over the last few years have always insinuated me starting arguments but that has never been the case. Nevertheless, I want you to know that all of my recent quotings of you in the latest KHUX story thread have been quotes of agreement. I am fully on-board with what you say and I have a lot of built up frustration with KHUX that I always unleash when I post in a KHUX thread.

So yeah, please know it's nothing personal and I'm not attacking you in anyway. Rather I'm agreeing with you and am attacking SEJP and SENA for how they are controlling KHUX.
Ballad of Caius
Ballad of Caius
Hey! No prob, man! I didn't get that at all. Thanks for taking the time to clarify! :D Hope you're well

And yeah, KHUx, as a storytelling platform, is disastrous. It's like reading a book every 30 days.
No worries! In the last two years or so I've found that no matter what I wrote, people were upset or took it personally so I wanted to make sure you knew that what I was ultimately saying was in line with what you were saying.

And oh my gosh yes!!! That's exactly what it feels like. And like, not even reading a chapter every 30 days but more like three pages every 30 days! The story is criminally spread thin, it's a pain for every fan involved!

I feel bad for participating in the #ChitotheWest movement because this is far from what we wanted!
Ballad of Caius
Ballad of Caius
Remember that text doesn't always translate emotions. I've had it happen, it's why emoji sometimes are good in terms of expressing the actual sentiment of a sentence.

I think it has more to do, like you said, with Nomura's schedule. Even though he's slowly not being director of the FINAL FANTASY VII Remake project, he still has a say, needs to hold meetings and the same can be said about the main KINGDOM HEARTS titles. I imagine that, in terms of scheduling, FFVII and main-KH take priority over KHUx scenario writing. And who's to say what he has in stock with Verum Rex.

And from a Marketer point of view, KHUx's Marketing sucks. Story Updates should be a part of the game's Marketing plan, but this inconsistency really weakens the game. If the game had a better storytelling structure, I think the game would have a better reception.

But I guess the execs are satisfied with how much the game is making and the method of making "different seasons" for KHUx seems to be working in terms of rebranding.
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