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I suppose it's been quite some time since I touched base with you last. I don't know how the GMs will respond, but if your silence has been indicative of how hectic your real life must be, then I don't fault you for not posting. This pandemic has likely only made that impossible for you. I debated my continuity, but my character is meant to be hinged off yours, and my autonomy (at least to me) wasn't substantial enough to keep me invested indefinitely without this potential of expanding on the 1 & 2 character bond that was presented to me in my first PM.

Whatever the GMs decide, i'll say that it was fun either way. I hope you are well Lumine.
Di samping itu, situs judi online anda bolehh mencoba untuk meramal kan nomor pada ke dua dua dadu, jadi kesempatan menang ialah lebih besar. Tetapi atas karena ini, kami memiliki kesempatan yg lbh baik untuk menang.
I understand you enjoy conversation and debating with users on subjects that interest you, but sending PMs to users who do not respond to you in their threads and seek to not continue discussion with you is a form of harassment.

I know other moderators have banned you temporarily for this exact issue. If you continue to do this, I will have to ban you again.
The difference here was that I was blocked the first time because I had a heated disagreement with the users who wanted to have Tangled the Series in a future KH game and my heated arguments with these users resulted in my block for two weeks.

What happened with me a few days ago was a Different Situation when someone had nothing else to add when I responded back to them on the thread @Oracle Spockanort.
Please stop.

If a user does not respond to your quote response, they likely do not have anything they wish to add to the discussion or do not want to continue the discussion. Let the other user make the decision if they want to further a discussion.
I'll stop with PM Harassment, but let's not forget @Oracle Spockanort you also literally called my comment "moot" back on the Tangled thread and not having ANYTHING you wish to add when I responded back to you.