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  • Sorry to be this random person who just hops onto your visitor messages, but I must ask where you got the gif in your signature from? I like it a lot ^_^ That's all, thanks for having such a nice signature, do me a favor and keep it for a little while so I can admire your posts with that signature attached lol
    My avatar is the sprite form of X from Mega Man Xtreme. I accquired it through this database. Glad you liked it =]
    I would love the offspring of the Brave 4 31 IV Aegislash for the 4 31 IV Gible! I can trade most of the day today (and tonight) if you'd like to trade. I'm on Eastern Time and my 3DS FC is 0774-4575-8363.

    I've been somewhat inactive on KHI this year because of college, but I'll try to keep checking today to see what time works for you to trade. :)
    I know you've been looking for a Rough Skin Gible, and I have a few of them. I have 3 total; one 4IV Gible, one 3IV, and one 2IV. The 4IV is Female, and the other two are Male. They all have egg moves of Outrage and Iron Head, and I can nickname them if you would like.

    In exchange, do you have any IV bred Pokemon? I'd be open to lots of different things.
    Aw yeshh, Tyranitar's one of my favorites ever since I evolved my Pupitar back in Gold over a decade ago! He just exudes badassery. And that's okay! I'll try to breed a better one from this, but this is already fantastic! (especially since Tyranitar already has the best SP. Def of all Rock types anyway) ^^ Thanks a lot! Sadly, I can't give any info on how well that Amaura is though... xD Like I said, I'm only starting out with the breeding.
    Lol yeah xD

    And thanks, I already had a Pupitar and Tyranitar, you just saved me trouble of breeding for Larvitar :D

    And as you can see, I pokerus'd that Amaura while I was add it. Can't hurt to have spares, right? ;)
    A fair warning, it will look as if I'm online, but I'm actually just hoping others are coming online too so their 3rd pokemon will be added to my Friend Safari. I will most likely be sleeping. :p
    Well, I have to do some stuff tomorrow in the afternoon (my afternoon), but I should be back around 6 PM) Will that work for you?

    Unless you also meant my morning hours xD I could be on then too.
    Hey man, do you want your own Amaura back, or the one I bred? Traded pokemon grow and breed quicker, so it's technically in both of our advantage. :)
    Okay that's fine. I'll be home most of the day on saturday (just not from 12 am to 1:30 PM, but that's too early for you anyway), so it shouldn't be a problem. I'll just sit by my laptop so just send me a message when you're there. In the mean while, have fun with that Tyrunt! I'm not making any promises (I'm not an expert breeder), but I did breed it using a perfect IV Ditto holding Destiny Knot, so you've got a good chance of that Tyrunt being, well, awesome.
    Connecting now, this is how it'll go. I'll trade you the Egg for the Amaura, I'll go breed it and in the mean while you find something useless to trade back for the Amaura so you get to keep both fossils. :)
    I'm still here, so let's do this thing! I've got a Tyrunt egg with pokerus sitting in the box (made like 5 minutes ago) What's your friend code? Mine is 4210-4222-7144
    Yeah I can get you a Tyrunt. But I'll be at the movies tomorrow, so it'll probably be late (for me at least) or for Saturday. If you can't breed your Amaura, might i suggest lending it to me so I can breed it? It wouldn't take long and you'd get it back right after that. (and, of course, you'd get to keep that Pokerus'd Tyrunt of course)
    Hey I'm here. Is there any pokemon you might need? I've got not all, but quite a collection (like all the starters and fossils. Except Amaura of course)
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