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  • lol, a 6 hour difference. xD It was 12 am over here. Do you mind waiting to do this in the weekend?
    Lol, no I wasn't xD Sleeping. What's your time zone? Could help plan things out.
    U can, but U has to wait till tomorrow, that ok?

    Because seriously, it's 1:11 am here and I have to go to work tomorrow, hope you don't mind. :p My dex isn't even halfway full yet, but is there maybe a particular pokemon you'd like? I've got every starter and fossil (except Amaura, so if you have a spare one of those, that would be much appreciated, though I'll take anything. I'm not doing this to get any big rewards or anything) for example, and I have a perfect IV Ditto so I could breed some decent stats into them (though I really am not anything near a breeding pro, barely started)

    I'll read your answer tomorrow. :)
    Oh wow Lawl what luck. Yea let me know if you ever need that extra and Ill give you the hook up.
    Yea I did. My bad. But yea I get out of class at 9 so I should be home by 9:30 to do this trade.
    My bad I didn't even see you on -__-. Today at night. Like around 9:30-10 EST if you can well make the trade.
    oh yeah I almost forgot to clone it so I'll be back in a while until your class time is finished.
    take care!
    You're quite welcome, Oberon! ^_^

    have enjoy breeding tons of semi perfect babies with that mixture breeding/competitive partner.
    just signed in online, so I'm ready to trade with ya.

    my ingame reply is windblast: DDFF in PSS screen. :3
    Just woke up for a while, my time zone is about 8 hours away from US of course, I lived in Europe, so you'll more likely to get ready to trade with me any soon, so I'll let my 3ds on until you are online.

    and added!
    My apologies for the late replay, I would like to have to trade for the one of those flawless pokemons from gen IV but which one?

    Would you mind to list all of them before making a deal out of this. :3
    also tell me when you are ready to trade with me.

    I just checked my pokebank for these remaining perfect shiny japanese impostor dittos to box them back to my X copy for offering.
    By the way, here's my FC, 2251-4589-2416

    if that's the penalty for using this avatar then it's something I'll just have to live with!!!!!!
    Hey Oberon, I'm working on a project for the "Hand to Hand" editorial thing and I was told that you could get me some images. I'm looking for some HQ KHI Logos, if you could help me get my hands on some it would be greatly appreciated
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