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  • Gotcha. I won't tell anybody you're a softie with a big heart on the inside behind that grumpy personality of yours. How's that? lol. Joking aside, I doubt your name will be ruined by someone like me. So your cynical grump personality won't be tarnished and it will stay intact. Carry on, good sir!
    Whoa, that's pretty alarming and concerning. In any case, good to have you back on the forum again. :)
    I could have sworn the other day your username was tinted blue. :O I thought you may of reached 'Legendary' on the forum or something.
    Just saying man. After nearly 2 years of being away, I gotta honestly say, I miss KHI Mailbag/Sings ):

    MFW I finish a 7 page paper and its 2AM

    Also, if you haven't watched it, check out Boardwalk Empire; it's worth watching Season One - Four.

    And dat music 2gud
    i understand. i won't get worked up like the AAMT incident, but i won't pretend everything is kosher either. don't worry, i won't turn the forums on it's head at this point in time.
    Dayum son, you need you time.

    fix yo self a fine mhm yum yum meal

    become blanket burrito and obtain the net flix

    go see everest, the martian, black mass, or steve jobs

    jk, everest and martian are basically the same movie prob

    so is black mass and steve jobs in a sense
    i understand what you mean, i might get too worked up over stuff but i feel what i'm doing is justified. this shit happens too often and you know that better than anybody.
    just like it played out for me a few years ago? it's fucking ridiculous, i take enough shit from real life and getting bullied on a website that prides itself in being friendly, which i practically grew up on, which i'm sure is the same for many members. i rolled over and let it blow past, i'm over it, i worked it out with silh and what's done is done, but to happen again with someone else with different staff? no.
    aw taylor. i see you passed my test on how important i still am to you ;). just joshing ya BOY. nah i just get ADD plus it's hard to reply too much cause my laptop the k and i and comma buttons are broken haha so yea bit of a time consumer where that comes in haha. where you working? sorry i know the feels. minus the school ._. unfortunately. but i'll get back in eventually ;(. whatchu in school for again? but yea. other than that. just living day by day. not much to report. i wish there were haha. miss ya. great to hear from ya :D
    holy crap dude, you posted "i miss you" on my profile like two years ago and I never responded.

    miss you too, man. hope twenty-somethings life is treating you well. how was I fifteen when I joined this place?
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