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  • Hey man, sorry for the late reply--I remember seeing you around too! I think we were in the same RP at one point. I remember you had a sick Gurren Lagan avatar/signature combo...
    I think what will happen, is all of us that have gradually gotten used to being off the site, will find ourselves coming back at the time of Kingdom Hearts III's launch xD. I'm telling you man, it's seriously bound to happen.

    Life has been pretty damn good though, I'm moving to Georgia in the summer, upon finishing my first degree I started doing free-lance work and personal training. I don't know how much of a success I can be doing souly Graphic Design and Photography, so I'm working on becoming an Electrician because that was something I obsessed over in high school, I also have family members that do the same field of work and have gotten into some solid unions, if I want to work for another 40 years, might as well put something in worthwhile and try to put stuff away to retire.

    I'm very "long-term" with most everything nowadays (except KHI xD)
    I'm starting a list of contacting all the cool regulars that are still here on KHI. Actually kind of surprised you still visit TheLionheart.

    How's life been bro?
    Hey! :D First off, omg thank you so much for making that chart in the OOC thread; it's super helpful and I really appreciate it ;A; Thank you!!

    With rank 4, I've brought that up before, but it wasn't specifically resolved unfortunately. Because he posted a template for the spot first, Chromatic gets rank 4 and I discussed this with SwagStarIV, who said he would change it, but I guess he didn't ;A; Annnnnd now most of the Embodiment spots are taken, so crap lol. But yeah, the spot belongs to Chromatic.

    Oh and yup, I'm reserving the 13th spot! :D Granted, I don't know if I'm going to use it, but I wanted to hang onto it for now since something along with the lines of what happened to Roxas may happen in the RP. (Rena sorta-kinda has a Nobody character and I'm trying to decide if I want to bring him in or not, but if he comes in, he may be an unofficial member of the Embodiment~)

    And yup that helps out a lot!! Thank you so much for bringing this all up with me! :D And awesome! I'm really excited to RP with you again since I think the last time we RPed together was in the TWEWY RP lol.
    i just realized today that your username is supposed to connect to your real name so you're rich the lionheart, as in richard III of england. fucking BRILLIANT

    i miss you rich :(
    Damn, thanks. I was going to get to it eventually, but was being lazy about it. :)

    Merry Christmas to you too mate.
    legitimately weeping every time i see another "letter to an absent father" in your sig
    UF, UCF, FSU, two out of state maybe. Just things here and there. But yeah summer homework and im taking dual enrollment courses which can be a hassle.
    10 day summer? not too shabby
    yeah i feel like we haven't exchanged bonjours in some time
    i'm just currently working my butt off and starting the whole college application process
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