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  • I need Tailmon/Gatomon in my life all of the time. I went to a convention a few weeks ago actually and saw a Terriermon plush and thought of you immediately!
    i hope you like movies!

    NOOOOOO it's just taunting you then ;~; really? :C how come you made the move? i was poor and had to, lol. luckily i'm close enough to my old city to keep in touch with most of my friends and then a few of them already lived here.
    move up here, i will hire you!

    it's too bad there isn't anyone who lives near you who is just dumb and not using a wifi password!! do you have any friends around where you moved to?
    hearts are the best way to say hello!!!!

    i've been sooooooooooo busy. i moved to a new city and have been working two jobs in my old city (dat commute) also i literally was just promoted to ass man (aw yiss) at one of them, lol. HOW ARE YOU?! :3
    Monica Belluchi is a queen and the gif is pretty powerful IMO. Thanks for loving it as much as me baby <33333
    yeah, i was playing with the settings seeing what i could do for you (i am learning this job entirely by playing with the acp)

    you honestly worked so hard while you were hired that you more than deserve it! and now you can keep displaying your beautiful art in a nice size <333
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