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  • Hey there's been an abundance of spam posts from user longsone, random korean posts that really seem kinda fishy. They've posted a lot of them since I first saw their name pop up.
    Sorry, I just got excited and just am curious and I like to predict on what to expect for the next few months on magazine world reveals for KH3 and I admit I poked the bear to much on this thread for most of you especially with you, but it isn't because I'm spamming it everywhere on the thread and with that I very sorry for the mess I made.
    oh cool can I ask you to render terra out of the box art for me so I can use him as an avatar? either that or Riku if possible
    hey there's someone trying to bad mouth me to mods, admins and staff... please PM me so I can explain
    Hello. I'm a new member to the site and I was going through the quick links tab for site leaders and saw you were an administrator. I'm currently having permissions issues with posting, is there a limit on the number post I can do a day as a new member? I think i've tried to post 3 times in this roleplay discussion, and only 1 time did it take my post, the other times I was prompted of needing a moderator's approval, or alternatively I didn't have the proper permission to post?

    Here is a link to my last post that went through. The thread is also page staggered because I have post I think that are pending, but if you can delete them if possible that works just as well.
    Hey, I just noticed something about the PM I sent you. It got clumped up in a giant wall of text! Sorry! I had some trouble registering so I had to tweak my browser settings. It's all fixed now. If you need me to resend you the PM, please let me know.
    Hello! I was wondering if you guys got my PM? It's been a few days since I contacted you and I haven't received any responses...
    Hello there and a hopefully happy new year. ^__^

    I actually did have a nice break over the Christmas/new year which I used to finally get rid of that annoying Ice Cream Beat-challenge to acquire the Maestro-trophy in BBS. Now getting the rest of the BBS trophies should be easier.

    While skimming through the main site to check some references in regards to dialogue/story script of Browser-X[chi] today I noticed that there seems to be the last update missing as the last story arc ends with Ava asking Luxu if he's the traitor, missing the second part of the finale which includes the rest of Luxu's and Ava's conversation, the rather important exposition given to Skuld by Gula and the actual Keyblade War itself.

    With the release of X Back Cover nearing people might want to read up on Browser-X[chi]'s story to draw comparisons and double-check on things so I thought it might be sensible to point this oversight out. ^__^
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