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  • says the guy who just sent me a message on said website

    aND HEY u baka. I was just thinking earlier today about how I was going to message you on Skype since I hadn't heard anything from you in AGES and was a bit worried since you rarely use facebook/twitter (u know i'm worried if i'm willing to get on there), but now that I know you're alive you can go die lel~ (◕‿◕✿) (we should skype sometime soon tho since I kinda miss talking to you pal)
    Oh God! Wait... This makes no sense... Elaborate. So you did or did not slap the elephant junkie with your peanut ray before cooking won ton soup with the breakfast club?
    Hey! Let me know whats cold under the igloo! I saw message and depressions worth a cig dude, but a cig's worth your life. Whats the issue? I'm here to listen. Just knowledge you have the wisdom. What you depressed about? Or, Wanna die for. Mention the first, or the second, it's like July 4th. Summer time. Sunshine and the daisies get us ladies. We going crazy. It's Life. It's gravy! Or maybe wavy haha :redface:
    Way better than Indicud, although I still liked it relatively speaking... Cudi's production has just gotten so much better.
    BY THE WAY i'll be on skype for a few hours so if you're not busy later you can message me c: if you are busy, that's fine, too; i'm probably going to be busy playing minecraft and animal crossing so~
    Not yet D; We also haven't played minecraft yet ahhhhh ;-;

    anD NOW I HAVE SOME GUY MESSAGING ME ON XBOX IDK WHO HE IS I PLAYED LIKE 6 ROUNDS OF HALO WITH THE GUY about 2 weeks ago and the second i turn on my xbox i get a message saying "hiii star c:" dude wat why me??? you hired this guy didn't you
    I see your still the usual boss as always Ty xD. Thats great to hear man, have fun and don't trust the bagged milk! The canadian bacon is cool though. I've been great man, my 3rd semester of college ended on the 21st last month. And I picked up a summer job overnights the same week it ended, its been awesome to be completely honest. I really want to transfer to an affordable out of state college in Atlanta, my gf lives there and is trying for a program through her community college to take SCAD classes (she wants to be a game programmer).

    I was SURPRISED to get modded haha. They have me in Creative Media, both DM and TM.
    Haha, when did your activity spike bro? I haven't talked to ya in a minute, whats up?
    lots of rappers reuse old songs, especially ones that weren't meant to be where they are now. but i think it'd suck to uninclude chum, its just that song that really hits you in the right spots

    and yeah burgundy has that opening feeling so it's a high possibility, now i think chum should be the last song before the transition to say "that was real personal, time to make people say WHOA"

    how many people do you think will get the "burgundy" in the title?
    ahhh yeeeeeeeeeah someone else knows what the fuck is up

    it'd be awesome for it to open with Chum, with a serious tone to the album, then halfway in is Whoa and everything is more lighthearted
    nah its cool, i just misunderstood you at a first, some mistranslation is all

    OF is the shit no matter what tho
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