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  • Blangonga and Bulldrome are exceptionally annoying. They will home in on you even when you think you're safe! They do get easier once you've had a little practice haha.
    I apologize for the lateness of the hour, Ulti, but I thought I would ask you as well incase you've had this problem.Have you ever had "Please Wait..." screens pop up with you on PSN? I get that when trying to access Communities, Account Management, and my profile's Edit and Privacy settings.
    Yeah, I saw it was in Feb.I'm playing my old games right now, getting trophies I haven't gotten yet.Next month sometime, I'm going to preorder Final Fantasy XV, just thought I would wait until it was closer to release first.I normally don't like to order a game when it's many months away still, but I have in the past.Anyway, thought I would let you know nonetheless.Since I know your ID, I'll tell you mine as well.It's MarluxiaMaruKG.
    Hey Ulti, how are you? Also, I thought I would let you know that when Shamdeo added me on PSN, I looked at his friend list and saw your name.Would have mentioned it earlier, but decided to keep it to myself.Don't worry I haven't sent a friend request, and won't until you say it's ok.
    That's good, Ulti. ^_^ Mine was fine too.Nothing eventful at work, and mom hasn't gotten sick and had to go to the hospital again.
    the conversation between you and Marluxia is the best thing i've read on this site in quite a while. just saying.
    It's sad I don't come to KHI like I used to, now I come for nostalgia and to visit my friends Laz, Iridium, UsagiOkami(who apparently came on here a year or two after she vanished from KG), and Shamdeo, who I recently added to PSN as well as to check if I got a vm from the first three.Once the Inferno closed a few months after I joined, me and my friends pretty much packed our bags and left.We went to to the first KG that was run by Blade, and our friend Igshar made another Inferno, then we left a few years after that when an idiot took over.Memberships and the Inferno were transferred to the second KG site. Now it's ghost town and we reside at Discord App.I apologize for rambling on, Ulti, I have a tendency to do that when in a very talkative mood. ^_^;
    that's pretty impressive, tell god i said hello next time you talk to him
    thats pretty hot congrats
    Happy 4th of July, Ulti.Sadly, it's not a good one for me.I was informed today that mom felt sick again and went to the hospital.She says she's had this problem since she was 16, and only in recent years did it plague her again.She always talks of pain in the gallbladder region or in her back, but her exact problem has not been found yet still. <:(
    Sorry for that Ulti, this isn't like me at all.Even I find this bizarre of me.I know your busy. <_<; Well I certainly feel like an ass right now... -_-; Like some dudes that go "herp derp mode" in front of a girl, and she looks at him like he's a jackass.Plus, l've been edgy a bit what with mom's constant hospital trips in recent years.
    I'm sorry if I bother you, Ulti.It's fine if you don't want to talk, just... thought it would be nice if I got to know you and become friends someday, unlike what I did in the past.I'll leave you alone.
    I did karate at one point until our master quit.I draw from time to time, swim.Have so many game favs it's almost hard to pick, but mainly action/adventure is my genre.If I had to pick hands down, it would be Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear, Zelda, Smash Bros., and Pokemon.

    Sorry about that last part on my previous vm Ulti, got ahead of myself without meaning to. <_<;
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