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  • loving dat purp name serehbear <3

    also the arrested development quote in your usertitle <3
    Hey Ulti, I think you mentioned in the Dark Knight Rises thread about an easter egg in the movie where the kid who stole an apple was a nod to Jason Todd because he was wearing his costume. Is this true? Where did you find these easter eggs? I'm seeing the movie again tomorrow so I'd like to keep an eye on these.
    Also Miss Ulti can you please check in the Skyrim II discussion thread and offer your opinion on my most recent suggestion/question?
    Oh Miss Ulti~

    You can have your go in Skyrim 2 now, and have Sir Grizzly join the group in addition to giving Rulindil a nice big bear hug. Enact your post how you will, but as a reminder I imagined the bear to be resting outside Shadowgreen Cavern, and might give Rulindil his hug near the corner of the hill north-east of him. And finally, if you'd please, let me set the scene for when the Dainty Sload comes in to view.

    Don't worry, soon enough things will move to more free-form roleplaying.
    Hey. I know this happened a while ago, but I'm a little curious as to why the anime/manga section was taken down, with all of its threads inserted into the general media discussion area. Not a big deal, but I was wondering if it could be restored. It just seemed more organized the way it used to be, and anybody who's not into anime probably isn't interested in having to sift through those threads to get to their stuff either.
    Your signature. I can make out "ave the llama", but what are the first and last letters?
    A name for the sort of role she plays? As in "Archetype: [INSERT ADJECTIVE HERE] Thief." Master Thief, Cat Burglar, Heist Expert, etc.
    has you a name for an archetype that would fit zaela? <adjective> thief? burglar?
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