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  • <_< I am NOT a fool thank you very much! I am Sovereign/Supreme SummonerBWM with great wisdom at this point! You better know that and do NOT doubt me,lol! As for me, I am doing very well. Site Writer and Supermod over on KHP. Trying to practice on some graphics right now. Site is still the same ol' quiet and small place as always but the members are doing alright.
    I recall I used to make a big deal about how it's so hard to convey and read emotion and sincerity online. I'm glad we could resolve this but now I feel bad given how sincere your apology is :c
    Not at all, I just wasn't entirely sure how to perceive your last message. Its abruptness and language was such that I suspected you were just being facetious.
    It's just vacation stuff.
    Well, seeing as I live in a rather large city, I'm not at a loss for things to do. And I really want to do those things.
    V late reply. Almost a year. :I My bad lol. I remember you were the guy who used to play triple triad with me on here.
    Unofficial definition what? ???

    Well, older games are getting cheaper, and plenty of them are good.

    I've been okay, I guess. I've had to do too much traveling lately, though.
    insane. ive been living at my grandmas house until this semester starts and she lives like across the cities where my friends are so basicaly ive been in my room all summer

    gettin real acquainted with the internet
    Wow, that kinda sucks. At least, if you're into the story, you can look it up, right? I mean, whenever a game in this series comes out on a console I don't own, that's what I do.

    I could have sworn your last ban was permanent, though. What was it about, anyway?
    Also, nice job of completely misconstruing my negative reaction to you. I lost one rep point out of 240, you're right that it would be unreasonable to care about that, and I don't.
    Naw, just irritates me when people say something 'directly' to/about me but wouldn't even do it in a form where I'd be made aware of that unless I just so happened to scroll past it.
    Oh yeah I forgot about that avatar, I should should bring that back, see if I can find it again!
    After the last KH game comes out, there'll probably still be people on here. A good chunk of the people on these forums don't even like KH anymore.
    I guess that it's true, considering you weren't banned. I'm just so used to people who've been banned discussing this that having a special case around is a pretty new thing.
    So, isn't saying that you're Firagex counterproductive?

    Textbooks are lying cheaters and you know it!
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