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  • Sorry I haven't sent a reply yet on your pm, I couldn't get around to finishing it (it's slightly lengthy) but I'll try and have it sent to you tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with me <3
    Sent you a PM with the details about the dark-wielders as far as abilities, if you have any questions regarding anything in particular feel free to ask away in the PM!
    Hey friend, as i've said in the other threads. Thank you, you've been wonderful and I'm glad to have been writing with you for so long now ^^ you really help a lot with making writing with cool people fun.
    Thanks for toughing it out with the crew this long even through a global pandemic, I cannot begin to tell you how much i appreciate it.
    Not sure what you are talking about... all I did was expose a pedo. He got exposed and that’s why he left. If you are not doing something about it, you are part of the problem. You shouldn’t be “role playing” with children. Get a life.
    I've watched some of their matches, They were really good. And it IS a cool name :3

    Nah, it's fine, I never really venture to know about other people's personal lives unless they invite me to. I value my privacy, so I treat others the same way. It's understandable. You have nothing to worry about.
    You mention Overwatch and Saebyeolbye in Trust is NOT Resolute OoC. I look it up (I'm new to Overwatch) and he does a fantastic Tracer!
    So fantastic in fact, I started getting (slightly) better at her. I wanted to thank you for that :3
    (I'm so bad at FPS that this is the first solid improvement I had since I started Overwatch xD )

    Also Hi! How're you :D ?
    it's been fun! what I do is really cool! but it's been kinda stressful just acclimating to everything and a bit of pressure from my boss. otherwise! ye this actually works for me too!
    it is! sorry, adjusting to the new job is kinda taking up my time and thoughts. thoroughly exhausting. but like I said in thread, I'm still in. i adore the dynamic among vi, cal, and trace. I'm always game for plotting in PMs, too. Responding to those takes less time than writing up posts for me
    I'll be coming for your head in this role-play. Hope that's ok, Deimos. It's all in good fun naturally!
    I'm very conflicted I want Cal to react badly to being held and touched but Trace and Vi are kinda being super nice atm
    Argh!!! That's right, Bray is on Cal's shoulder, too! Okay okay, mentioning all of this in my next post for sure... Thanks for pointing everything out to me.... Again, pfft.
    Ah, knew I was forgetting something in my last reply: I forgot to mention Trace's bleeding ear. Will be sure to make a note of the bandages the next time Cal sees him (If she decides to come back lol)
    You guys are gonna burn the place down while I'm asleep huh? xD

    That was a great turnaround post by you. Is it really mainly because I was hunted down? Vengeful!
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