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  • There's literally a McDonalds, Burger King, and KFC all lined up a couple of blocks from where I live hahaha. I have been eating out lately though, but it's been at Asian places. I had authentic Chinese last week, and just had Vietnamese yesterday. Shit was banging.

    And yeah, I'd like to think things went well today. She seemed comfortable around me, smiled often. Even said goodbye. I'm gonna wait a week, two weeks at most. I want her to be comfortable around me so that it's not awkward, but not too much so that I'm friend zoned. Plus, I'm younger than her. Gotta show her that I'm not immature.
    I'm originally from New Jersey. NYC is literally a bus/train ride away and we visited it often when I was a kid. I never liked it though. It was always smelly and crowded, but I've grown fond of my city. I love the noise. I love the people. Most importantly, I love the freedom. Sure the transit system may be slow as shit, but hell. You can go anywhere once you board a bus/subway. You can't do that in Jersey. It's great. Oh and I live in Brooklyn.

    The lovely lady is a 23 year old liberal arts major (2 years my senior lol) in my physics class. We work in the same group on during our labs on Wednesday. I finally worked up the nerves to make small talk with her today. She's quiet (that may be because English isn't her first language), but cute. I wanna ask her out for coffee to get to know her better, but hey baby steps right?
    I've been great actually! This is my second semester back in school after taking about a year off. I'm living on my own again, visiting the rents on the weekend, and I'm loving it. Although, it is a tad bit frustrating. I figure since I live in NYC, I should be more outgoing and get to know people....but it's so hard. The last place I wanna end up is in my apartment, but it's usually where I wind up. :/
    Sorry about the late response. Haven't had wifi for the past couple of days.

    D'aww. Cheer up! I hope things get better.
    Hey baby I know you got a lady and all now, but...

    Hey george!

    Whenever you get the chance, can you send all the assets you have for the shirt (if you have em)? I think I lost them. For Lauren to look at before she decides what to do.
    Dude, my I was wondering why my music still sounded like ass despite listening to my Audio Technica's all semester long....suffice to say the files weren't in 320kbps. I redownloaded some albums in that quality and it's just.....

    imgur: the simple image sharer
    imgur: the simple image sharer
    imgur: the simple image sharer

    Don't know if you even care, but I saw your lack of transparency and thought I'd, well, add some in! Think of it as a christmas present, I guess. I don't really know why I did it, but use them if you want! The first two I just took out the white, with #1 being the original size and #2 being a cropped version, the third one is both cropped and I took the liberty of removing some of that white border around the sprite.

    So yeah, whether you use them or not, merry Christmas!
    If you make a profit then I demand a fee for my services >:

    (also i just noticed what you did with the little triangles lol)
    Nayru *u*

    I like the simplicity of the Din poster but I think it threw me off after initially seeing the other too. Maybe some type of subtle background to keep up with the theme? Or some 1px diagonal lines. 1px diagonal lines always look cool lol.
    Hey George, what are about the average dimensions you would use to size a print piece? (preferably in inches)
    I'm redesigning a spread as a portfolio excercise/piece to add to it for Famous Black Activist.
    its okay, I haven't been on #junes a lot lately. we've all got things going on with school and whatnot :)

    i've been good. working on college apps and dealing with school blehhhh.. how about you?
    Someone who actually knows about pre-heath ledger Joker!

    Jack Nicholson ftw(I like both of them anyway).
    Awesome, I'm glad that things are good :)
    I'm moving to Scotland in less than 2 weeks to start grad school, so I'm pretty psyched for that (can't wait to live in pyjama bottoms again!) So sad that I have to leave London, though. I hope I can engineer it so I can make frequent trips back to see all my friends, but they've given me some really good send offs for the time being.

    I did however, just post a thread in Help & Support. Without being stalkerish, I seem to remember that you were going through something perhaps a little comparable?

    ^kisses because it's you
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