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  • So about a week or so ago when you accused me of trying to up my post count, I had about 94(?) total posts. I just hit 100 last night. :p

    Lol I'm playing with ya.
    Hehe, the dung might have probably helped with the two tigrexes xD
    G-Rank seems so far away >.>
    How close are you?
    Ahhhh, okay, I see. I didn't know how the guild quests worked since I never even looked at them yet. I'll try taking them on, too then, to not redo everything again. I recently did some quests where you fight two monsters at the same time so I had a chance to throw some dung. It felt so satisfying to toss poop at the big monsters xD
    I wish they would put Monster Hunter on the Android shop, too, though.

    Oh and, the Gore Magala is the hardest fight I've had, yet! He's so quick but the Frenzy Virus boost actually helped me break off a lot of stuff from him.
    Sounds awfully hard! Now I'm scared to fight him :S
    Good thing I'm so far behind, though, lol. Still doing Caravan Quests. I haven't even tried the Guild Quests.
    Hmmm, I have a regular 3ds and the game runs at a perfect 60 fps...The New 3ds just has better textures and loading times from what I have seen. Congratulations on the set, though! I always wanted to get something with Evade Distance Up but I think I'm too early in the game. I think I only have access to the Lobster set and Lagombi set with that specific skill. Trap Master is pretty cool, too!

    That sounds like a difficult mission. I haven't done any double hunts yet (except for a very easy expedition) and I'm really scared to. Since you've done them before but you're getting stuck on Tigrexes, then they must be tough! I haven't fought a Tigrex yet.
    Ahhh. Yeah, I don't have a circle pad pro, too, so I have to use the left bumper. Though I found it to not be that bad, especially when you get used to it. I use the virtual d-pad on the touch screen for the camera and it works like a second analog stick, sort of. But I didn't know that the 2ds is weaker than the 3ds so I see how that can be a problem.

    Oh yeah, I forgot about controllers. I have an iPega, too, and you're right, it does make games like that better. Three times, though!? Damn! I really need to get better if I just have trouble with a Najarala! xD
    It's a shame Android doesn't have Monster Hunter on the Playstore :(
    Ahhh, awesome! I tried all the weapons in the MH4U weapon training missions but I didn't really like the hammer, especially the look of it, which is also important for me. Though I see why you fell in love with Long Swords, I like them a lot, too, especially because they are slimmer. Though I don't use them yet. I've been using the Charge Blade this whole time and I really like but now, I want to give either duel blades or Long Swords a try.

    Oh, and I wanted to ask, why is playing MH4U on a 2ds hard? Aren't the controls the same? Honestly, playing monster hunter games on a tablet seems much more difficult and uncomfortable, I wouldn't be able to defeat a Jaggi. xD
    Woah! So you're a veteran! Amazing! I'm still a complete newbie and I haven't been playing as much as I wanted to. I need to start again since Cross is getting near. I'm guessing you used a variety of weapons over the course of those games, but do you have a favorite? Including the new additions like the Insect Glaive and Charge Blade.
    Hey, based on your signature, I'm guessing you play Monster Hunter? :3
    Have you seen the Monster Hunter Cross trailer?
    I did it months ago so I can't really remember it step by step, I could give you the PSD or some wip images of it or something if you wanted.
    Oh, it's okay. :) I can wait for that long just because of you and your awesome works.

    Good luck with everything.
    So, just checking on my stuff that I posted a while ago.. I'm sure you're busy and I was hoping to get it sooner. :3

    Just kinda bored with my current one.
    Yooooo if you get any free time, could you PM any png/jpg uve' projects you have finished that are related in any way in Graphic Design? I just want to compare the things I have created towards anothers.
    Hey, Nutari. Just checking on my request and checking up on you since I like your works. :3
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