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  • I'm glad you didn't die, and I definitely look forward to you updating your story, if you're still planning on doing that, Noel. C:
    Sorry for not responding right away; I've been busy the last few days, but I think I'm back on track now. :3

    I remember it like it was yesterday when you and I first became friends as I set up the fanclub for anyone to join to be our silly selves. :D Heck, I even read your first story.
    That's great, Noel! :D

    Lol, it'd get better after some time as it did for my brother, who is finishing up his last year. While colleges might be for fun, the classes takes that way with a bang! So, remember to take it easy and stick to doing what works for you then it'd be over as you know it. :3
    Lol, you might have to read my rules and we'll work it out how you'd get your abilities like being Spiderman. XD

    But like you said: it depends on your college life and whatnot.
    That's what my brother thought too until he arrived at his college, too! But at least you're doing okay otherwise. :3

    It is a valid reason and I wouldn't mind it if you followed me throughout the role play. I've improved overtime and I'm loving it thus far. Also, I've set up another role play but this time it's a superhero role play! :D it goes by the name of The Miracles: Reborn and it's just got started with a few posts, so it's open for you to join in if you're still interested in role playing more.
    I agree, and you should check out Jack in the Box Halloween Contest; while everybody has finished their stories, you can check them out and vote on who you think has the best story of this year's contest. :D

    Mine is called Kingdom Spirits: Halloween. It's like a short one-shot story for some characters from Kingdom Spirits role play that I made some years ago and I believe you were at one point involved with it until you disappeared on us.
    I'm doing great, really. I've been busy as of late, but now I can at least relax for a bit until the holidays; That's where the busyness comes in. XD
    Hi, Noel! :D

    How are you doing? I do hope life is working out well for you and you sure missed tons of things going on. I still hold out on hope that you'd be able to work more on your writing stories.
    Yay! I think I got one for you, but I think I saved it somewhere here and that'll be some time.. I'll try to find it for ya.

    Oh, that's understandable when you got life to do. :D
    Hey, Noel! :D

    I hope you do remember me after all this time, lol. I really miss reading your stories and I just recently read Esprit Frame a bit ago. So much memories about it.

    I really hope you're doing so well and I might just have something for you to work on for me, 'kay?
    NOEL! YOU'RE ALIVE?! I haven't seen you in like forever! ;w; I'm sorry you've had to endure a few terrible things lately, but how does it feel to be 19 years old? How was your New Year and Christmas?! Your logo looks solid and cool! And tell me all the stuff that I missed!
    Don't think you need to worry about that. Updates are quite constant and there should be more game functions on the way. It is very easy to get everything done but the stagnant phase should only be 1-2 weeks as of now.

    Only problem should be that there are a lot of filler story quests.
    Thanks, Noel! <3 Good to know it wasn't taken that way. c: I get why some of you wanted to restart it because, there is the saying, "third time is the charm!" Except this time its a second time around. lol. So if its restarted a lot of work to make it better will be needed to be done, or it might result in the same thing after a month or two. *shrugs* Either way, we'll see how it goes and the result of all the votes. Nah, I think we're happy as it is without a national award. Sweet of you to say so though. =D
    Sure, why not? XD

    I'm happy you liked that portion of my two cents. Was I too harsh, Crescent Lord? I wanted an opinion first before I posted but, went ahead anyways cause person in question wasn't online yet. lol.
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