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  • Hey Kaz, I was just wondering. I really wanted to get in to Unchained once it's released but I'm worried that it's gonna have the whole late game wait 10 Weeks for an upgrade to finally upgrade thing they have in other mobile games Like Clash of Clans. Is there anything like that?
    So I've been wanting to update the title for record keeper like how other threads have it, but i do not have the time. /.\
    So, Corpse Party is on the PSN (I just found out) and it's half the price right now! 9 dollars instead of 19... would you recommend it?
    I actually haven't played Corpse Party, I think the games are really hard to get here/new ones aren't being localized. It's a name that gets thrown around a lot on comment sections where people are hoping to see games they like localized.

    I love horror stuff~ But I need it to have a good plot or I find it boring, lol.
    I definitely wouldn't try to compare it gameplay wise, but I suppose the story is really different as well right? Oooo... the MOST messed up? Even with DR2 showing what the Despairs did, especially to Junko's corpse? o: ALSO I LOVED DR2, I didn't think the sequel could make me more miserable than the first game.
    Did you get Danganronpa: Another Episode? If so, did you like it? I beat DR2 a few weeks ago and am impatiently waiting a localization announcement for Another Episode. ;~;
    Sorry about that. Trying to clear as much of my workload as possible, and overcram a little, to have more time for 2.5 haha.
    Oh my gosh! Well now I know I won't be disappointed! I have had my eye on the series for a while but I don't understand any Japanese so I waited and waited... finally they released in North America so I could play them. C: They're making two more even! The next one is going to be kind of like a shooter... but the fourth one is supposed to be a visual novel again. ME TOO! :3 Have you played the Zero Escape series? (9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors and Virtue's Last Reward)

    It must be really interesting to be able to experience the game in both languages!
    Oh my gosh, YOU'RE PLAYING DANGANRONPA. <3 I just got my copy or DR2 in the mail and haven't cracked it open yet. I adored the first one though. How are you liking it? :3
    Hey Kazr, I just want to let you know (again) that you've done a great job in helping out and contributing to the making of that Egg Stealer location list. Thanks as well for going through the trouble of testing out efficient routes to take in killing as much of them as possible! Your efforts are highly appreciated! :)
    Please don't apologise. After all, 猿も木から落ちる, don't they? Don't worry about it; you and your team have been a big help. :) Besides, Gargoyles aren't as annoying as Wizards when it comes to critical hits. XD

    Your English is good, by the way. :)
    Hey ya! Just thought I'd drop a thank-you note for helping out with the Guilt Heartless list. Much appreciated! :)
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