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  • Okay no problem Solo! I can be willing to lend a hand if you guys really need more help. At the moment, I am currently trying to draw more scenes from the private Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. So far I'm trying to render Sora's Keyblade transformations since it's the second most thing I remember sort of clearly. He transforms it into an angelical cannon kind of similar to Terra's Ultima Cannon Shotlock and Sora has a new Keyblade that is also angelic.
    Hey Solo how are the Chi translations coming along? I still remember you sent a message earlier but wasn't sure what's currently going on.
    Lol, I actually don't mind him too much. We'll see were this goes though. =1
    RIGHT? ;~; During the hospital segment, I was so mad at all of the humans. I was bombing the crap out of them with the total mindset of "I'M GETTING ELLIE BACK YOU BASTARDS". xD
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu. :3 I just beat The Last Of Us for the first time and it was sooo gooood. Before this it was a character from the game Danganronpa. xD Agnes was so pretty. ;~;
    So I unintentionally saved some unnecessary efforts? :p haha. This shows some fierce battle, though o_O
    Oh shoot, it was too late I saw your message! I was too busy trading medals that even I myself hardly hit the bosses. I'm very very sorry about this! >.<
    Yeah, I need some more time to process that whole Datascape thing lol. Right now it's not making much sense to me.
    I bet all the other members are feeling silly that they didn't stick with Chi like we did 8D

    All our dedication has finally paid off!

    And we're still waiting for the Maleficent and Pete scene too!

    Xehanort is for sure referring to the 6th apprentice of the Foreteller's Master, I 100% believe that. SOLO WE WERE SO RIGHT.
    Thanks for your concern, anyway ;).

    I've finally done my work! To my surprise, I got a 0% match of plagiarism. That was not a good sign either, as 0% means you have never used any work from academic articles. But of course I did use, and the 0% might just be a result from paraphrasing. I removed some references and resubmitted the work, and the result will take another 24 hours to generate. Hopefully I'll get at least 1%. Funny we have to plagiarise intentionally to make our work valid, haha.

    Any plans today?
    Hi! Oi, why here? I'm still able to visit there haha.

    Finally at the conclusions now, should be able to finish it in an hour's time. The reason to take so much time is that I need to submit a perfect version to Turnitin, a site used by many education units to check plagiarism. If it was just a write-and-submit essay, I would have already finished it without so much pressure!

    I'm sorry I failed to chat with you guys again. Surely, SURELY, tonight will be the time (my 'surely' means 99% haha).
    We actually wanted to do it in the very beginning but couldn't because of... dumb staff politics, let's just say that.

    But a few of the others who don't play Chi have noticed that the section has really been blossoming lately and finally deserves to be separated, so I moved it out with no care or concern for anyone who might object 8D
    Actually linked you the post so you wouldn't have to go searching everywhere to tweet the pics out lol

    But it's all good~ I'll upload the Praying Brage outfits for you to tweet later
    Bravely Default did such a good job here that I think they'll start work for Bravely Second right away. :3

    OH MY GOSH. I took a break for maybe a week and came back to it, then had no problem. I was just getting annoyed and not thinking it through. Though, now I'm stuck on the final boss of Chapter 3, the giant electric fish. :C
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