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  • Long time no see. I am waiting for the video game repairman to get back to fix my 3DSXL upper screen, motherboard and Spyro disk, but he said he's coming back in a few weeks. I've been having a long wait to get my consoles and games fixed and it really bugs me, but not much that I can do.
    Nah, I'm gonna wait for the game to get localized. Despite how much I may want to play it right now lol
    I'm waiting till the English one. I only imported something once and it hampers the experience for me. I'll likely get the least chosen one. xD
    Your still in school during summer!? FT? Oh you mean fairy tail. I'm behind on it actually.
    I read the first Kane Chronicles book and really liked it, I just have yet to read the other two lol. If it's is multiverses, I'm completely 100% okay with that because then we can get crossovers that won't really mess up the plot and such.
    Your list is so much smaller than mine. You dont know how good a thing it is to have a small list. ;A;
    You only just now started FMA!? o_0
    You definitely should pick it up, it's definitely worth it! If you want it physically, Amazon has the first issue for super cheap too, and the second one comes out Wednesday.

    Yeah, that's one of the main reasons I started the Kane Chronicles, other than it also being a Riordan series. I really enjoyed the first book, but I just never got around to the other two despite owning them. Lol oops. That's also why I have yet to read the crossover stories, too.

    I like the idea of the TV/animated universe being separate from the movieverse tbh. I feel like the shows would fall into the awkward place Agents of SHIELD is, where if it is connected to thr big films, none of the recognizable Big Bads will ever make an appearance as the villain of the season, just be hinted at or talked about but never seen. And seeing as how Flarrow already had big names like Ra's, Slade, Vandal Savage, etc. I desperately want it to stay separate so the shows can do their own thing. Incidentally, I want the Titans show to stay away from the Flarrowverse so it can do it's own thing too, although I'd love to see Supergirl be a part of the Flarrowverse (which would also mean Supes exists in the Flarrowverse).
    Hm....the list of ongoing I got right now is this:

    Yozakura Quartet: 81
    Ubel Blatt: 136
    Kimi ni todoke: 100
    Nisekoi: 176
    Dragonball: 85
    Dragon Ball Multiverse: 1059
    Attack on Titan: 72
    Yotsuba: 88
    Silver Spoon: 113
    Dogs: 102
    Black Butler: 107
    Fairy Tail: 445
    FT Ice Trail: 13
    FT Zero: 13
    Ava's Demon page: 1449
    Tokyo Ghoul Re: A: 34
    Akagami no Shirayukihime:

    Noblesse: 364
    Tales of the Unusual: 10
    Tower of God: 159
    Lmfao thanks! I just recently started the first We Are Robin comic and I sooo had to have the main as my new pic.

    Also, yes, I'm a big Riordan fan. I'm literally counting down the days for Magnus. I have yet to finish the Kane Chronicles, however. Oops lol.

    I'm also hella excited about Vixen, but really worried that she may only be in animated forms of the Flarrowverse, which I hope is not the case.
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