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  • i’ve been swell man, just trying to hang in there. i dont plan on staying on this site much longer so is there any other way i can get a hold of you that you’re comfortable with? youre one of my favorite people on here and it’d be a shame if we never got to talk again
    Nomura specifically created if for Union Cross. :D

    Hey man, sorry I never got around to your Christmas story like I promised. I got very sidetracked and haven't been able to borrow a computer like I needed to so I'll eventually get around to it
    When you've seen all the 7 episodes out so far, feel free to join us in the YOI media discussion thread! It's a bit spoilery right now for those who aren't up to date.
    I'm reading Volume 4 right now, and I must say it's blowing me away. I remember reading Shonen Jump's preview chapter of it back in the day and really liking it, also being drawn in by "the same writer as Death Note," but it wasn't until recently that I heard it had finished that I decided it was finally time.

    interested in joining our SUPER (not rly) secret club chat? if so i can help you make an FB account solely for the chat
    i think now you can edit your userpage and have a bigger avatar so have fun
    apologies for that, i seen your avatar and i'm still cheesing over civil war i saw last night because BOY was it spectacular.
    a well-written t'challa, in my captain america? its more likely than you think. click here for your FREE diagnosis.
    nah it doesnt matter. i just assumed you used messenger and we only ever talk on khi lol
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