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  • I'm digging the Alan Wake avatar. Alan Wake 2 when Remedy?
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    Thanks! And I know, right? Hopefully that's what they're working on now. With that Control DLC and now the remaster, we can only hope they're gearing up for the sequel finally.
    I assume they're testing the waters with the remaster. Hopefully it'll do good enough for Alan Wake 2!
    I hope so too, we need to get that man out of the dark place!
    By any chance did you used to be chaosmax back in the day?
    I did not, my old username was Max/souleater forever ago. Only name change I've seen since was Max haha.
    Just Dari
    Just Dari
    Dude I feel like I've written with you in another RP that wasn't a persona roleplay you, kat, and CD did.
    Hmm let me think. We did Persona, Sword Art Online, we did a weird one I really liked called Appreciate the Invasion. Gosh, I think those might be the only three I've done with both of them? I was also in a short lived zombie RP of Omni's called Jericho. Do any of those ring any bells? I'm trying to think of if I'm missing one.
    Hey, Max!

    So, I'll just get right to it. I made up a post for Persona Icebound today and Skitty is writing one up soon in hopes of bringing the gang back. I know it has been a year or so, but I would like for us to post more.

    I hope you can read ours and see if you're still in, considering you, CD, and Kat are managing it. Just thought you should know. ☺️
    If you guys want to keep going, then I'll keep going too. I'll go as long as anyone else wants to.
    Okay, cool!

    I kinda feel bad that it took this far after all the hard work you guys put in, giving us new players a chance to join in. So I will not waste this chance! 👊
    I hope you like it! This is from my heart and it kinda fits for Persona Icebound as well.

    On this frozen world
    Lies the hearts of heat
    The truth hidden in shadows
    As lies become exposed to light
    From frozen to Icebound we go!!
    Hi, Max! Sry, bout Cowboy Bebop. That u liek it. (I had to respond, and it couldn't be in the thread, because it would generate a GIF war, but I'd rather make love.) Also, I see you recently finished Black Sails (which you must have liked, because you're reading the associated literature). I had started to watch that upon it's initial run on Stars and wasn't able to finish it until this last month. Watching the Pirates films in preparation for KHIII reminded me I needed to return to it. Did you like how it ended?
    Haha, bugger off with the Bebop trolling 😂 But it's all good, different tastes for different people.

    And I also started Black Sails on it's initial run, I got through 2 seasons on tv but it wasn't until recently I had the free time to finish it and I went ahead and restarted it from the beginning and made my way all the way through. I really did love the ending though, I love that I didn't actually know what was going to happen despite having read Treasure Island, they did a fantastic job and the writing never wavered towards the end, it maintained a good high quality all the way through.

    I love pirates in general, so if you're another fan of pirate tales I think we'll get along fine despite the Bebop disagreement haha
    That's what I did. Made it about halfway and then restarted the whole thing. I thought the ending was quite beautiful, even in Thomas and James are technically in a labor camp. Most of the stories wrapped up satisfyingly.

    I think the pressure of needing to (re)watch the Pirates films for KHIII got me thinking about Black Sails again, and so here we are. But NOW, I'm wanting to go back and read some of the literature as well.
    Hey, did you ever get around to reading any of that pirate literature? 😂😁
    Nice! I'm not sure where my old PSP went, but I sure do miss Crisis Core. I wish they would port it already.
    I know this message is forever old, but I'm scrolling around and found this and thought "Wow, perfect," because with Ever Crisis coming around we're gonna get to see Crisis Core in a turn-based fashion! How do you feel about that?
    Hello, I see that your a moderator for the roleplaying section. Could you help me?

    I keep getting this message that says I need a moderator's approval to post from time to time. My name is posted in time stamps, but my post itself actually isn't there. Does this happen often??
    Yes, that was one of my first concerns over Riku's role in KH3. I was worried that Sora and co. will have a lot of spotlight. But now that we see a conflict over Aqua falling to darkness and Replica Riku returning, Riku may have a big importance in this game. Riku may have to convince Aqua or help her from completely being consumed by darkness. Riku had also been in the influence of darkness in KH1 and it may prove that Riku could be the perfect person to help, this would also kinda tie in that Riku is a keyblade master as well as Aqua. Hopefully Riku successfully helps Aqua, because I feel that even though Aqua told Mickey, "You're too late", I feel that it isn't fully too late. That there has to be a chance, even if it is slim.
    And honestly for Replica Riku, I can't seem to figure out about what importance he may hold. Possibly helping with the ongoing conflict in the series? Maybe he'll want to help Sora because of being in good terms with him at the end of KH: CoM or Riku when they sort of were okay with each other before Replica Riku disappeared? I honestly cannot think what Replica Riku's importance is, and it makes me really curious and really excited to find out.
    As for personal struggles, I feel that him possibly helping Aqua and/or Replica Riku may serve as helping Riku with personal struggles. It seems to happen on occasions like in DDD. And whatever he encounters may also help strengthen him to, may teach him things as well. I'm trying to think and it's 9:35 pm. xD
    It was a huge shocker to me, I couldn't contain my hype.
    I didn't know how awkward the scene was at first until I noticed Riku and Repliku sitting next to each other romantically on the beach and staring at one another. xD
    Yep! Actually a lot of assignments have passed, right now I'm getting ready for exams in a few weeks. It's alright, I've been busy lately anyways. :)
    Yes, the rant.
    So at first I never knew a character I would genuinely like. It switched between characters for 7 years. I could never pinpoint a specific character. I really liked Axel, but then the love kinda shifted. Then I saw him, and I decided Riku would be my fit. So when I joined Kingdom Hearts Insider for the first time and came here to the forums, I was already a fangirl of Riku. I would occasionally have an avatar of Riku but there was never a Riku avatar to satisfy me because there was always a better one I'd find (and then I became a fangirl of many other things than just Riku so my avatars would become things that weren't involving Riku). But over the course of being here for 2 years, my hype over the character had majorly increased over time. When I first started me and other members would begin joking over my obsession over the character, after awhile I became more obsessed. I would then buy merchandise related to Riku (Way to Dawn keychain that became a necklace I would wear everywhere I go), I would make things (created his Soul Eater with cardboard and paint a year ago). And pretty much the mention of Riku makes me go berserk. And when I saw his KH3 full outfit revealed, I had a heart attack. I was so crazily happy it was like when DarkGrey Heroine saw the Vanitas reveal in the trailer for the first time. I may still be upset about Way to Dawn being broken, but I know it is not fully being abandoned. It's going to be there stuck on the ground and going to be waiting. Even though Riku's new keyblade now looks like a car key, I still appreciate his character. Then a year ago I needed to bring back a fanclub that was closed before.
    The Riku Fanclub.
    Finally, I created a place that I could spam nothing but Riku everywhere, and people joined in on the hype. This became my dream, and I'm so proud with how far it has gotten (even though I was the one who posted the most there lol), but people still visit and post and I'm so happy. <3
    And I disallow the talk of Riku x anyone, that is not allowed at my fanclub unless someone wants to make a ship fanclub but that'll be elsewhere.
    And getting to the basis why I appreciate his character.
    The voice actor David Gallagher even quoted in an interview "Riku is a sexy guy" immediately in the beginning of the video:
    He pretty much has the look and the voice that melts my heart. <3
    But it's not just that.
    Riku is a character that I relate to, he has done things in the past he regrets because he didn't know better (Kingdom Hearts 1), like me. He's a character that over time saw things in a new perspective and became a lovable character that makes you regret the time you ever hated him before. Riku in the beginning did not know what he was doing was wrong and it sent him down a dark path. Sometimes in life I lost my way too, but eventually like Riku, I found the right path and followed it. Riku is such a developed character to where he can be so relatable. Riku has shown greater strength in mind and heart gradually over the series and it makes you really appreciate his character overall. I wish I could meet David Gallagher to thank him for always expressing Riku through voice the right way. I will always thank Nomura for developing Riku's character because he deserves it. Riku has always intended to do something good for the benefit of another, mostly his friends. Like what he says, "Protect what matters most". When Riku became a keyblade master, I was never so proud. I'm so glad this had happened and I have hopes for his character for KH3 to have a great impact in the story, hopefully an impact to Aqua. I could not ever think of a better character than my man Riku, as he will be my forever favorite. <3
    Phew, there's my rant that I spent an hour on! I hope you enjoyed. :)
    Thanks! Well yeah I guess I have been okay overall. Also that's great! I have also finished college like two years ago if I am right, my memory may be failing me haha. I see! Really thank you for messaging me! Truly surprised me there! I mostly lurk haha but glad I decided to log in.

    And oh! I think I heard of the RP but I actually never really RPed (other than take riku if you can and khnes) and sure no problem! It would be great to have you on the fb group! Add me on fb so i can add you to the group! I will PM you my e-mail
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