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  • OMG, I just looked up a trailer of it. It's gorgeous as diddly. Well, looks like I have that Winter anime I wanted to watch now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Yo Mags, where's your avatar from? I'm digging the artstyle just from that little bit I can see.
    I loved that Crystal Edition. The incentives were perfect for FFXIII-2, and I wish all of them had been available in my region (like the steelbook, but eBay is there if I am hungry enough for it). But at least I got the Collector's Edition here. I mean hello, the full OST is included? Not one of these piddly sampler discs they have been throwing in lately, but the full, real deal! We need more of these types of bundles. The only other thing to make the NA CE perfect would be to have Best Buy's novella with it. *sigh* Again, retailer exclusives. ;A;
    Hello there! I was just curious because of your post in the Nintendo Thread.
    Are you German or something along those lines? xD
    "By the way Audo, where's your signature gif taken from?"

    It's from a music video actually. I gif'd the relevant section of the video on my tumblr (which is where the sig is from) Are you interested in gay films/depictions/media at all? I was hoping to maybe start a thread on KHI where people could discuss such things and give recs and whatnot but no one seems interested so far :/
    No prob! My bf plays RE, so I knew I knew the character designs from the series. I just had no idea who they were. I tried to Google their names, and the result was a bunch of - interesting images. So, I'm assuming it's not canon. xD

    But that art is cool!
    Yes, that is what I looked in a dictionary. Since he used it a lot it got me very curious so I did a quick search of its meaning, haha.
    Haha, no worries. My apologies for the confusion, though. It is just that he has a personal phrase which is "I digress", and since I saw you use it on the boards I thought: Hey, I should ask him. Haha.
    Regarding our discussion about all the negativity on the internet and people being different on real life; that must be your case, the people I know on real life and have them on fb are one of the same, they just talk about some other things over there.
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