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Ballad of Caius
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  • Hi Ballad, I know that my posts over the last few years have always insinuated me starting arguments but that has never been the case. Nevertheless, I want you to know that all of my recent quotings of you in the latest KHUX story thread have been quotes of agreement. I am fully on-board with what you say and I have a lot of built up frustration with KHUX that I always unleash when I post in a KHUX thread.

    So yeah, please know it's nothing personal and I'm not attacking you in anyway. Rather I'm agreeing with you and am attacking SEJP and SENA for how they are controlling KHUX.
    Ballad of Caius
    Ballad of Caius
    Hey! No prob, man! I didn't get that at all. Thanks for taking the time to clarify! :D Hope you're well

    And yeah, KHUx, as a storytelling platform, is disastrous. It's like reading a book every 30 days.
    No worries! In the last two years or so I've found that no matter what I wrote, people were upset or took it personally so I wanted to make sure you knew that what I was ultimately saying was in line with what you were saying.

    And oh my gosh yes!!! That's exactly what it feels like. And like, not even reading a chapter every 30 days but more like three pages every 30 days! The story is criminally spread thin, it's a pain for every fan involved!

    I feel bad for participating in the #ChitotheWest movement because this is far from what we wanted!
    Ballad of Caius
    Ballad of Caius
    Remember that text doesn't always translate emotions. I've had it happen, it's why emoji sometimes are good in terms of expressing the actual sentiment of a sentence.

    I think it has more to do, like you said, with Nomura's schedule. Even though he's slowly not being director of the FINAL FANTASY VII Remake project, he still has a say, needs to hold meetings and the same can be said about the main KINGDOM HEARTS titles. I imagine that, in terms of scheduling, FFVII and main-KH take priority over KHUx scenario writing. And who's to say what he has in stock with Verum Rex.

    And from a Marketer point of view, KHUx's Marketing sucks. Story Updates should be a part of the game's Marketing plan, but this inconsistency really weakens the game. If the game had a better storytelling structure, I think the game would have a better reception.

    But I guess the execs are satisfied with how much the game is making and the method of making "different seasons" for KHUx seems to be working in terms of rebranding.
    Yo, so I played the demo for a little bit and it’s pretty interesting. I really think the idea of starting the game as any one of 8 characters is pretty cool and the Break system reminds a bit of Bravely Default. Ill probably jump back into it today, but not too soon considering I’m finishing up 2.5 with this dreaded Re:coded movie.

    if there is only gripe I have, it’s that the game doesn’t keep track of side quests and the objectives are pretty vague, so now I’ve got a whole bunch of side quests assigned and don’t know where to start.
    Man those invisibles really mess with you late game, it doesnt help their curse attack takes SOOO long,
    Honestly, i used to hate the mysterious figure, he gave me a lot of trouble with ven and aqua on critical mode, but with Terra, it legitimately took only 1 try. The trick is to keep on him, never let up, and not give him a moment to breathe. You can just use the Chaos ripper keyblade, as the -5 magic doesn't really matter as you're only using attack commands and Curaga,

    Man, screw that Marluxia fight, it wasn't hard by any means but it's just so time consuming, a lot of the match is just gliding around as fast as possible to avoid his scythe and wait to replenish your hit number. As for Xemnas, i purposefully saved him for last, I knew i was in for a long fight and the game didn't disappoint. But the one true test of strength is Xaldin's absent silhouette, seriously, how can anyone greenlight that
    Heheh, i remember all of those moments, For me the end of the world was a true test of patience, especially for the 15 hour trophy. Did you ever beat the mysterious figure with Terra? I'd argue it's the easiest with him. KH2's secret bosses almost broke me, but i persevered. Nowadays i guess you could say i'm replaying the series just for kicks same as you, but it's mainly to catch my sister up to speed with the games. We're currently at the end of the world and beat most of the secret bosses ya see?
    Say Caius, how far are you in 1.5 and 2.5 remix? are you going through just for kicks or platinuming them?
    Yeah, so do i, it has been a while since i touched it, i've been focusing on building a desert team on my Pokemon Sun version to properly challenge the members here.
    Yeah, he is pretty good, it makes sense that he primarily uses the eeveelutions and arceus, it gives him an edge over practically every kingdom provided he has the eeveelution to counter the primary type there. I even went the extra mile and linked with 7 eevees and arceus, just to fill his capacity and burn through the game on later playthroughs. If they ever make a sequel to the game, i'm hoping he/she returns.
    Say Caius, I was wondering, when you played through pokemon conquest, who did you primarily use? what warlord was your favorite? I always leaned towards using Motonari and his servine's leafblade in the beginning of the game, then I switched over to the main rock type warlord's gigalith.
    It could have been. I think Billy and Mandy's creator's original creation is locked up in a vault somewhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaAyPDS1JKo This might be possibly what the original was based upon.

    I did see What A Cartoon do what I thought was an earlier plot that possibly lead to the birth of Family Guy. The pilot, well there were some others like Life of Larry, but I prefer this one over Life Of Larry since the quality is better and Life of Larry was probably Seth MacFarlene's college thesis or whatever it was for him to get into animation.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuSu07KiMjs Larry and Steve is pretty much Bryan and Peter living together in a run down apartment and Peter pretty much nearly getting Bryan getting killed with his stupid hi jinks. I believe there was a Star War's lightsaber joke in here with the 800 bolts bulb being put into a tiny lamp.
    I just saw the recent Kingdom Hearts trailer this morning. What an incredible surprise, considering it is my birthday! I also have been binge watching an old series from Cartoon Network called What a Cartoon, which are pretty much a bunch of shorts that have lead to mainstream series being made like The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
    I hope I didn't get cheated by this girl from California. I decided to buy a shiny Porygon2 from her and she hasn't gotten back to me yet.
    I got my butt killed by Xemnas and Marluxia. Great, just what I get for playing Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix on Proud! I barely got away from Xemnas's reverse thing and his stupid light sabers, but somehow he always uses some trick to kill me.
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