• Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Hey there! Figured to take a moment and thank you for the nominations you gave me for those awards. I completely forgot to get back to you with the previous one, so my apologies, and again, thanks!
    Hey Grizzgrizz, just wanted to hit you up and say thanks for nominating me for the spectacular award of Nose in a Book. I thought I was gonna have to blackmail someone into nominating me for it.
    yeah my bad... i sent you a friend request via my dad's FB. you checked your messages? i sent you a few, maybe i need to send you a friend request with my own FB. sorry about that dude
    dude did you get my FB messages? under Asa Appel? if so, shoot me a message on there. i'll add you to our group.
    hey hey hey

    now you're one of us, do you have a facebook to make the final ascension and join our messenger chat group?
    Hey, I saw you were in the Writer's Guild recently! As Annoyance said before me, welcome to the writing community! I'd love to read any stories you've posted, or if you made any on other websites, feel free to send links my way. =3 You really got my curiosity going, when you mentioned writing a story similar yet entirely different to a friend. So I'm dying to read what it is!
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