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King Sora X
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  • Hey that's fantastic man. ^_^ Hope the job hunting goes well for you, and the novel rewriting in between too. So you're a big staff member now on RPG huh? What's that been like since you made it?! ^^
    Yeah Discord seems to work a lot better for chat now. You can find me on that as well.

    As for me, been pretty busy with work, then not working, then back to working, and all in between that I've been mostly trying to get a little studio/cabin setup for my sister and myself to work on art, reading, play games, etc. Haven't really had the drive to try and start writing any kind of full story, but I have been putting the Aeronaut Story I was working on with Alex/Kingdomkeylight and started a D&D campaign all about it.
    I'm really annoyed with Skype, when it couldn't do simple things such as inform me about messages or even receive messages properly, so this is a super overdue apology for not seeing this message here until now. I hope you've been keeping yourself well man after this long. ^^
    Hi KSX, I just wanted to let you know that the various characters are moving on to Halloween Town because Sononea has been defeated and Machinecken is falling to darkness.
    Hey man, yeah I've been kinda shit lately to be honest. Would like to reconnect again!
    Hi, sorry. I’m rarely ever active here anymore xD I’m doing okay, just been busy. How are you doing?
    Eh, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s to blame so much as that it is a bit more streamlined in terms of following multiple fandoms at once, so I’ve seen more activity on sites like Tumblr and Twitter. Ultimately it’s just personal preference and goals for use, so I definitely agree on that. It’s comparing apples to oranges, really.

    LOL if only! xD That’s good, though! Looks like most of the staff hasn’t changed hands, which is sort of surprising.
    Hey hey! It’s definitely good to see you’re still around! :) Yeah, that was one of my fonder memories on here. Taking a look around, it seems like other broader social media outlets have begun to replace the forum medium, sadly :(

    I’ve been pretty good! Just plugging away with work and writing as always :) What about you?
    That's good to hear, I've been pretty well over the years. I have a daughter that is about to turn 6, and i'm a department manager at a grocery store lol not the most exciting life but I'm content with it and it pays the bills. I still play video games when I have time though. What have you been up to?
    KSX! longtime no talk, its been years. It's Troy(TGFX, Patius, Finalkeyblade). Hope you are doing well
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