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  • I disappeared for the same amount of months you did, so it's quite alright. :3

    Well that's good to hear. It really sucks when things don't go the way we planned.

    I've been better tbh. Recently went through a break-up and shit got screwed for a while, but now things are somewhat okay now.

    And no, I don't like Fairy Tail....I LOVE FAIRY TAIL! :D

    I totally dug it the first time I watched it. Though, now I'm reading it, I still can't wait until the anime starts back up again. <3
    Aww it's soo nice to marry after such a long-time relationship :3 I'm happy for you :) And I bet you looked stunning in a wedding dress :3

    I see, so you're still working hard everyday! Sometimes I think it would have been better not to study and start working right away after school haha, but I guess it's too late for me to be considering that xD I just hope I can get a nice job with my degree though :)

    You went to London? Cool. Did you think London was nice? I'm hoping to move somewhere near London as there are lots of job opportunities for foreigners. Also my boyfriend lives near London so that would be a plus ;)
    Hehe, yeah it's me :)
    Omg you married your boyfriend?? Congratulations :3 How was the wedding? When did you marry? Good to know you've been alright! Are you still working in the department store?

    I'm doing super well, thanks :) Yeah still studying xD Although I think that I can finish uni in spring next year (hopefully). I've been working part-time in a book store since half a year to earn some extra money, so that after uni I have savings to maybe move to england :D But I'm not 100% sure yet xD
    Hmm not too many episodes... Kami-sama no Memo-chou. It's a crime/mystery kind of anime and it's actually really quite good.For something silly, maybe Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai? And another kind of lighthearted one... Usagi Drop :3
    yeah! I'm glad to be able to mod again lol.

    aww cursed NOOOO

    I'm glad you're around though
    Riiixy :D

    LONG long time no talk!
    Hopefully you remember me x)
    I suddenly remembered the old times and just had to come back, my gosh I can't believe that I've been away for such a long time! I'm sure I missed a whole decade xD

    I hope everything's going well for you?
    that's good to hear ^^ I am doing good myself, just a bit under the weather :(. Allergies suck ass >.>
    Merry Christmas! *kisses Rix on cheek* Hope you're having a good time, whatever you're up to, lol.
    Im so glad for you mari ^_______________^ So good when a friend gets something amazing, and shows how amazing life can really be 8D

    I am enjoying my life right now. I've changed so much this year, turns out such a painful experience made me such a better person :D So now, I'm smiling everyday and spending all my time with dear friends :3
    Thats okay, it wasnt that late xD Congrats on becoming co-manager ^_^ I'm starting a new job soon which is set to make me a manager in the near future :D
    OH MY GOD!!! Congratulations :D Im so happy for you!!! ^_____________________^ How's the married life? :3

    I've been okay, I moved from home to the city, and Started meeting so many new people. Made a good fresh start :3 Things have taken some getting used to, but Im becoming a little happier every day :3 I've been going out almost daily haha, clubs are so fun here, and so are some of the people xD I've been missing this place and the friends here though Dx
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