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  • Not sure if you'll catch this, but figured I'd drop by, hit me up if you ever return! Been ages and almost everyone I used to talk to on here has gone haha.
    I know its been too long! I've been good, working at kmart and going to college to be a teacher, you? :)
    Hey Blue, you still around? Made my long drawn out and inevitable return hah, I missed talking to you too
    I liked London :) Went to Madame Tussauds (probably misspelled that) and it was so much fun ;D

    Oh, you have a boyfriend? :D How sweet :D Congrats :D

    Hehe. I'm really not here at all anymore xD
    Oh thanks! I'm actually at college right now, majoring in Architecture for a five year program. Classes started today but I didn't have any for today ha
    oh you bet haha~ yep i'm starting my first semester of undergrad in a matter of days now!

    i'm so happy for you, blue!<33 i hope my experience will be exciting too.
    hahaha i've heard reffles maybe once or twice? but everyone's gotten used to calling me elle, which is nice too. ^_^
    Lol no problem we all have lives to live mah friend. Wow that sounds like a awesome vacation what did you do? Well its more a apartment really but ya living the bachelor life lol which I am quickly discovering is quite boring lol. How about you what's the world been throwing your way.
    Yay :D

    Yup. I married him :) It's almost a year ago now :) After almost 7 years together we finally got married xD We had a small wedding though, but it was really nice :)

    Yeah. I'm still working there. I have no isea what to study, so it's better to work than doing nothing at all :) And you can earn promotions if you work hard enough, so that's good :) The next step for me is to get my own store where I'M the boss :)

    England? That's sweet :D was in England about a month ago. In London. It was my first time there. Where in England do you wanna move to?

    Glad you're hangin in there Blue <3 and I'm pretty much doing the same; I only lurk here occasionally.

    I've been "alright" to say the least, haven't really been busy this year. Well there was last years semester of college but that's really about it. Naturally I got fucked over by financial aide so I had to sit things out for this semester due to the lack of finances. So I put my time into doing things around the house :3 still doing that for the time being.
    Yeah a lot has changed. I'm not on here too much anymore either but it's on my favorites tab for when I do.
    But yeah last week of high school for me. Pretty pumped like no other!
    What really? *goes and looks* HOLY COW

    I just rejoined as of a week ago finding to much free time as of late. I thought my life would get busy in the military but ever since i finished military training things have been boring for a short term of conversation.

    Ugh i am 20 now I am starting to feel the mental effects of age lol. I have been good, working have a house currently lol, so all in all balanced at the moment. How about you?
    Thank you! n.n. Yeah, I'm gonna enter the contest next time, it's on hiatus until July. So lots of practice time :3. I'm also gonna collab with someone from that forum, looking forward to that as well!

    So true, life is more than just relationships ;D

    Well, I had an accident back in 2009, almost got ran over by a car while I was riding my bike. I had to dodge it, which resulted into me riding against a concrete pole. Had a concussion and I lost a tooth (including the tooth root). Now, this year I'm gonna get an implant (had a temporary false tooth until now).

    But for that to be placed correctly, the 'pit' where the tooth root was has to be filled so I needed a bone graft. They took a piece of bone from my lower jaw and put it in the 'pit'. So yeah, long story short, I got a bone graft :p

    Haha I hear ya, I'm the same. I need something to do in order to feel.. well happy might be a bit exaggerated but let's just say that I feel more happy when I have something to do xD
    Hey Blue! ;D. Haha it's okay, we still have our real lifes to live right xD

    Well, I didn't won BUT I entered again in April (the contest is organized every month) and I ended up being second yay :3

    And yeah, I'm sure I'll find someone. I'm not worried, I'm enjoying life now :D. Everything's been fine, although I had surgery the day before yesterday. That was pretty rough but everything's fine n.n

    How about you, how've you been? :)
    Oh gott, ich k?nnte den Inhalt deiner Nachricht eigtl direkt an dich zur?cksenden. Tut mir Leid dass ich so sp?t zur?ckschreib, hoffe du liest das hier noch irgendwann. ^^'
    Mensch, bei mir ist es in letzter Zeit auch alles ziemlich verr?ckt. Bin jetzt in Innsbruck und studiere. So viel ist passiert seitdem wir das letzte Mal geredet haben. xD
    Hoffe es geht dir auch gut! Hau mich dochmal auf Facebook bei n?chster Gelegenheit an! :))
    O_O Oh my god it's you! <33 hai! Sorry about that, haven't been on in.. well a while as you can see. How ya been Blue? :D
    Oh hi there! Of course I remember you!

    Haha I do too, I used to log in like once a month but with DDD and Pokemon craze in my mind again that might be more frequent :p
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