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  • Hiya! Long time no see~ :) Remember me? x)
    How are you?? I really miss the old times...that might be why I'm here now! :D
    Ah, that's a shame--but I do hope you can stick around to see the precedings of the tournament!
    Well, the tournament's only sometime mid-April, so are you still interested? I can add you to the list still.
    I'm sorry for the late reply... School work is literally killing me. x_x

    You don't sound good, to be honest.
    Is something bothering you?
    If it's something personal, then of course I won't butt in <3
    Just the same old stuff, really. How're you doing?
    Sorry I took forever to reply, I've been super busy managing site-staff.
    I tried to fix it. Does it work, now?

    Life is pretty dreadful, lately. It seems like every time something good happens, something rotten immediately negates it. D:
    I guess I'm okay. Just being a stereotypical depressed teen.
    BRIAN ~

    How are things with you these days?
    It's been soooo long :D
    I doubt you even remember me ;_;
    I have to wonder who he saw when he unhooded her that first time, but it was probably Kairi. That is how he saw her later when they met on the Islands, and then in Beast's Castle before she went to meet Namine.

    I saw it coming T_T damn you Squenix.

    There's fuel for a whole bunch of Ven related fires because Xigbar saw Xion as Ven o_O I wonder who Xemnas saw her as. Better read up on those unlockables and then the Ultimania.

    How many of what?
    Apparently, it was written in the first game's ultimania, going by Audo. It makes sense, but until an official source didn't come out and say it, I liked to think there were other reasonable possibilities, like Ven or even the Keyblade or something of that source.
    Thanks for the rep, regardless. 1 point away from another box XD;
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