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  • OMG! Blue?! Is that really you?

    Yeah, the good old times:) I'm rarely posting here on the forums anymore. Things are kinda not the same anymore.. I just like talking to my friends now and then.

    Other than that, I work a lot as usual and when I'm not at work, I'm usually relaxing with my husband and our dog:)

    How are you doing? Still studying?
    No I sure do! I think you're username was more elaborate than just Blue though, can't quite remember it though =P
    It has been awhile (and looking through our old conversations about three years)! Glad to see you're back
    dkfajdskfld WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE BLUE?! <3

    oh my goodness! how are you?! what's life been like? tell me everything! :3
    Nope, still writing, although it has been quite a while :D. But now I'm more about music (I've posted most of my songs/beats on my Youtube channel). It has only been one year though that I'm really learning to make music but I've made quite a progress the past few months. And thank you! I've had some positive comments so I'm already happy :D

    I thought so! When the catastrophe happened, I knew I had to worried about someone, just didn't know who (how weird is that?). I'm glad you're safe though! And oooh a boyfriend, I'm so happy for you, I wish you two the best! :3

    Me and Evelien are still friends but nothing more. I luckily got over it, 'twas hell for me back then :p. I've had some potential girlfriends along the way but it hasn't really turned into something with those people. Last month I was like this close of actually getting into a relationship but certain events made it impossible.

    But I'm not hiding in a corner because of it (something that I would've done in the past). I'm enjoying every day now ;D

    Nope, only MSN, I don't really like social media haha :p. But we'll still be able to talk to eachother here right? :)
    Ikr! And well, I recovered from the pneumonia (although it was hard) so all is good haha :D

    Well now I am basically sitting at home all day until September xd. But I have a lot of things to do that I couldn't do when I was in college so yeah, still a busy man haha :p

    And with music I mean making music. I have a guitar but I never got the time to actually learn to play the thing (because of college) so I'll probably start learning that. But the thing I've been busy with is actually remixing stuff and making beats (hip-hop, not dance music). I've entered a remix competition now at a forum called lpassociation, I'm quite curious how this will turn out!

    It's good to hear that you have a lot of things to look forward to! Btw, was it you that travelled to Japan for a couple of months? I know someone I know on this forum travelled to Japan for quite a while but I can't seem to remember who o.o

    And to answer you're question, I can't don't remember it either. Must've been a while now I'm guessing haha :D. It's ok though, I'm not using my MSN either, at least, not that much anymore n.n
    Omg, Bluee! :D. It's so nice to see you.. read you again :D

    I'm quite good actually! Though had a rough period a couple of months ago, was in the hospiital for a whole week because of terrible pneumonia, not cool at all xo

    Anyways, life has been treating me ok. I quit school though, the thing that I was doing turned out to be something not for me and yeah, stopped school. But I'm gonna restart next year although I'm not sure what course (or whatever it's called in english) to follow next hehe :p. But I'll figure it out n.n

    I have been very busy with music nowadays actually, which is a lot of fun :D

    But enough about me, how has life been treating you? :3
    And now that its over... RELAX AND ENJOY THE FREE TIME XD

    Haha yep got nothin but kind words for you blue^^ cant wait to see em!

    ha yeah its possible, went my whole life without it at home. and yeah, i usually get on if im hangin at a friends house and we're all doin our own thing or everyones in bed
    hey , i'm good actually
    well i don't know about the "exchange" system :p , hmmit depends maybe 4-5 years :/
    + congartz. lucky you :D:D i've always wanted to go to Japan -_-"
    Good Luck :D

    of course , gimme your e-mail and i'll add you as soon as possible : )
    Ah, the first generation Pokémon games :D I still have my copies of Blue and Red, and the very first Gameboy :p I never had a SNES, so I have never played that game, would like to try it out though :)

    We both are nice persons <3
    Well, I have been into gaming since I was like, 6-7 years old :D

    Of course not! You are a very nice person :D
    hey bluesky :p
    how are ya ? it's been along time lol
    i just signed in to tell ya i'm about to study next year in australia :D
    sorry for bein' off all this time ..
    I know that I can borrow God of War 3 from a friend until I get it on my own, but yeah, hoping I'll get enough money to be able to get at least 2-3 of them :p
    Aha. Well, I'll guess that I'll find out one I get the game :p

    Well, I've got no problem with setting things up, since I got too many consoles, both stationary and handhelds xD
    Well, I figure out that I can afford a PS3 and some game to it and still have a lot over to other stuff from the extra work I'm doing. Which games? Hm... Would be God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Heavenly Sword, and that's it I think. Oh, and the God of War Collection too XD
    Well I was working out in the fields for a while, but then I got laid off.... But I'm still doing work at a dog kennel on the weekends, its pretty fun :p

    And well, I might I'm not sure yet... And, I never really did like school, haha, and I got my G1, getting my G2 at the end of October tho :) Can't wait!
    Hey blue n.n
    Everythings good, just back from vacation (went to Spain for a week). I talked to her and I think I may have made her doubt about her decision, don't know for sure though. I'll just keep her as a friend for now and start bulding things up again with her. I first gonna tell how special she is to me (not to be cliché or anything xD) altough I don't know for certain that I will do that.

    We'll see and I know we can make things work ;d

    I hope everything's good with you, talk to you soon
    Oh yes, stupid job :|
    Hehe xD

    Different? Like how?
    Nah, I'll just wait until I finished working, then I can buy it together with my PS3 ;)
    I'm doing fairly good, tired, but good :)
    What, you had a birthday? Late happy birthday! XD

    Oh, I wanted that game! Is it any good? Would have bought it tomorrow if I haven't bought Alan Wake today XD
    Ouch, hate when even one of my characters die, mainly because you never get him/her back :/
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