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  • Yeah well, the girl I talked about has some serious doubts all of a sudden and she said she wanted to keep me as a friend. But I think she's being to quick about this, she's not thinking clearly because of the exams a few weeks ago and the death of her greatgrandmother.

    So yeah, gonna talk to her about it tuesday and hopefully I'll can make her think clearly but I know I can. :)
    When she talks to me and she tries to understand my point of view, then I will succeed, no doubt about it, we're too special together to give up now you know. :)

    Thanks! <3
    Hi blue :)

    Well, a few things happened the last few weeks and everything is in chaos right now. But tuesday I'm gonna try and fix all of this. :)
    And good luck with your exams!

    wow been half a year since i logged on. summer break for me now, senior year next year :) how is everything going for you?
    Lol, oh yeah :p i just checkin who's all been on lately :p i haven't been on in forever, seeing how i kinda grew out of KH, but i still drop by every so often

    And yes, I've been doing very well :) how about you?
    Also, ich bin theoretisch eigtl jeden Abend irgendwann mal online. Es liegt ganz bei dir. :)
    Yes, I'm on break. Around early September or late August. Not sure really but it'd be that long.
    Ohhhhhhhhh I see. I had to do that during my Junior/Senior year in HS. XD
    And thanks! You too!
    I'm doing great. Tons of stuff has happened. Finishing up my freshman year of high school, other stuff.

    And I even wrote a book. For serious.
    Well, with my friends, I'm the only one that plays and love the Fire Emblem games, they are to lazy too think and plan.
    Yup, I'm totally relieved now xD. And a friend of mine (she doesn't actually know the girl but I talked about her alot) said the two of us fit perfectly hehe ;D. Really, this year couldn't have been better ;p x
    Well, don't really know if I have the right to call me that yet, but something like that xD

    Hm.... Of the 4 games I've played, it's either Radiant Dawn, or the Fire Emblem game to Gameboy Advance <3
    I'm doing fine, just doing some photoshop work that's going to Deviantart later on :p

    Yep, it's Lyndis. Guessing you are a Fire Emblem fan?
    Thanks, I finished my last one today. You got kicked out? Was it that bad or just didn't fit requirements? Just wondering. Oh that's cool....and I see.

    It's going pretty good aside from stupid acid reflux I have, I'm gonna try and enjoy and spend my summer break as much as possible with oppurtunities, excitement, and such. :D

    Tja, ist halt schwer wenn man so wichtige personen sind und so viel zu tun haben, wie wir. ^^

    Ne, aber wenigstens kommen wir überhaupt noch zum reden. :)
    Veeeeery good, couldn't have been better actually ;d
    The girl I like said to me today (in person) that she likes me back but she wants to wait beause she has alot of schoolwork but hey, this is veeeery good news :D
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