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  • Perhaps I'll apply them to a career in theatre, somehow?
    Of course, that would also require some credentials in theatre...

    I digress.

    It's exciting to think that your knack for characters and storytelling could converge with your artistic skills. If you do publish a webcomic, make a point of letting me know! I follow a few good ones, but they're too few, and they update infrequently. It's nice to have some quality assurance before the (hypothetical) webcomic even begins.

    And if I can help in any way -- even if it's just by publicizing your work online -- don't hesitate to ask me.
    Understandable. I'm not as frequent as I used to be -- mostly because of school, just like you.

    However, unlike you, I'm not studying anything as focused and productive as art! Thus far, my undergraduate studies have revolved around an English major and a Classics minor; and now I'm considering a minor in Applied Music as well. None of that translates directly to a single career, but I enjoy it all so much that I can't bear to give it up.

    I'm so glad to hear that art school has been a rewarding experience for you. From the small sample of your work that I saw, I knew -- just from the easy consistency of your style -- that yours is a talent that deserves a great education.
    It's certainly been a while since I last saw you online. How fare thee, Sir Athel?
    Yeah, trust me I know about the stereotype. All my friends laugh whenever I tell them that I'm majoring in Art. They think it's cool that going for what I love, but they're like "You realize getting a job is going to be hard right? And you'll make like no money?"

    Not a very inspirational group of people, my friends. Only one who encourages my major in my friends is my very best friend. But, he's majoring in the medical field and he's going to become a General Surgeon. So, I think he's mostly just thinking about the piles of money he'll be rolling around in.
    That's kind of why I want Graphic Design. Because it's broad, it gives me plenty of options to choose from, plus its a multimedia thing, so I could do drawing and Photoshop, and I love both.
    Yeah, trust me. I'm not sure if you even remember anything from what you and I were writing, but you wouldn't even recognize it anymore. The basic plot is the same, but I've really turned it into a full fledged thing instead just a seat of the pants kind of idea.

    Nice! I'm going into Graphic Design. But I'm not dead set on that, plus that major covers a wide range of art and media relates positions, so it's promising. And entry level pay is pretty decent too.
    Thanks :)

    Believe it or not, I'm still working on that same story that you were helping me write all those years ago. I pushed it aside for two years because I saw all the hideous flaws it had, but then one day I came back to it, ripped it apart, and completely remade it from the ground up. It's not typed out yet, but it's all in my mind. And unlike last time, I'm splitting it into multiple books instead of one giant cluttered mess.

    And same here! I'm in community college right now, but I'm going into Art. What's your major?
    Yeah, dude. That whole "virus" thing happened when I was in 8th grade and that's when I left KHI. Haven't kept much in contact with most people except for the ones I friended on Facebook. You still writing novels and such?
    Nah, I kind of had an idea, but I've forgotten most of it now... I'll see if I can remember it.
    I gotcha. It's okay.
    I've totally only ever played one Fire Emblem. It was, uh... the first one that came out in America, I think. I forget the name.

    Also, I totally had an idea. Log on to Pesterchum to find out more. :p
    The Axis of Evil, yes. I certainly look forward to seeing what you've concocted.

    That's what I tried to do with Sanguine Heart, here, but I imagine that an in-person group would be much easier manage.
    I'm in the exact same spot, though I'd imagine that art is more stressful than English and theatre.

    My inbox is stuffed with brainstorms and collaborations -- but I'm always open to one more. Do send it, when you have the chance.

    Hah, I've been told that, actually. D&D, like many things on my "maybe" list, seems like something that hooks you pretty easily.
    Agreed. We each have obligations, and time can't be split evenly.

    So, what have you been up to lately?
    Yeah, we've been having serious issues because our drummer is nearly constantly busy. When he isn't, he's still prone to cancelling at the last minute. Consequentially, we haven't practiced since September. And, of course, everyone in the band is very adamant about not replacing him.

    But the interim is so boring! It kind of overshadows the payoff.

    I should probably begin looking at schools, huh? I haven't given it much thought, but I really shouldn't keep putting it off...
    Okay, yeah, that looks amazing. I would totally buy it.

    Well, my band may or may not be actually getting off their asses to practice soon. That's pretty cool. I'm failing in some of my classes. That's pretty uncool. I've been feeling pretty awful lately. That's very uncool. My life is a whole lot of waiting around, hoping things turn out for the better, actually, so there's not a whole lot for me to ever talk about.
    No, I think I'm just weird. Whatever floats your boat, though.

    Yeah, the graphics are a bit blocky. I'm certain they have time to improve it, but I don't know by how much.

    I agree with you totally, but... All the Bravest?
    Your avatar seems fitting, in light of that information.
    I find you unpredictable. I'm not terribly good at predicting people's actions, you may have noticed.

    I've honestly been waiting on a 3D Pokemon since Stadium, too. I remember, when I bought Colosseum, I would talk to my brother for hours on end about how I thought they could take that system and really make it work for a full Pokemon game. I think they can probably make it work, but I'm really interested in seeing just how they will.

    I am also really happy I bought a 3DS! ^^
    They said I'd never use it, but this'll show them!
    i c wat u did thar

    How've you been? We haven't talked in ages, and from what I can recall, talking to you is like a box of chocolates, if boxes of chocolates didn't suck. So, therefore, nothing like a box of chocolates. But still surprising, in a pleasant sort of way.

    Feel like elaborating on your apparently overwhelmingly positive reception of Gen VI?
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