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  • Have you exposed yourself to spoilers? Otherwise, I don't think I can explain w/o revealing some plot stuff. The game will definitely be fun, but maybe I'm just not as attached as I thought I would be to it finally being here. I could totally change my tune come Tuesday, but still.

    Other real life stuff: money and I've got a ton of games I'm just not playing that I should probably be before I get another one.
    LOL that energy tho.

    Is it bad that I almost don't want to get KH3 on launch day?
    i pmuch hate most YT'ers except markplier and ubernova who are barely tolerable. dunkey is a diamond in the rough.
    How come we're not friends on PSN haha, this must be rectified.

    I remember when you had an old account or two that corrupted, think they're still on my list haha
    Do it haha. I remember when I posted and whined about things in the KH sections, my post count would skyrocket. Since I stopped doing that my count started to drag. If I really cared and was diligent I'd probably be at 10,000 by now
    Just hit gold and got a fancy new avatar. I feel like I'm in middle school again making it this far haha. Just like when I made Platinum back in the day. Just spam the posts man haha, get that gold
    I would like to tell you that your avatar and signature are always pleasing to the eyes. Do you make them yourself?
    I realize I'm late in responding, but meh.

    No, I don't think you are remembering clearly. Nomura has basically not really said whether they will or won't be in there or not.

    Second, that thread was about what we'd LIKE to see in KH3. No need to go shooting people down for what they'd LIKE to see.
    Well, not too bad. I just haven't been in contact with any friends since Russell. Whom I love to death, but you know. Anyway, I had to shut down a MASSIVE urge to jump back into porn, and God helped me survive through the temptation. Which after passing, promptly gave me a crazy weird headache. Which is probably a good thing.
    Ditto lol, as far as the presents are concerned! Dude those things Prans, is getting you are amazing!
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