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  • Nope. I drank all of it at the BR before going home. Gotta protect what's mine, ya know? xD
    I'm alright. Just had a great milkshake from Baskin Robins. :) But I've been slightly shaken up the past few days after I found out a former classmate of mine died earlier this week. Didn't know him too well, so it's not -that- upsetting, but it's still a shock.
    Life is also good
    Don't have a job, but I'm volunteering at a library
    Amen, brother

    I'm also doing OK too. :3

    They struck her a crescendo, right?
    that's like easy stalker access lol. jk,
    sorry I haven't replied I just have a crazy work schedule (i work by nights) and the mornings and day time just seem awful to me lol. But I'm here David *always and forever* lol

    Let me know how that video turns out! :D
    That word is gonna kill me one day xD Oh well. Gonna have some days off work soon though. I'm going to London then :) yay!

    I'm rarely around here though. Just logging in to say hi every now and then.
    Yeah, you are a mod again now? That's great! I'm fine. Just cursed by the usual word,lol. Just stopping by here to talk to friends and stuff.
    Lt Colonel, did someone shout in the distance "Okay everyone, clear the area RIGHT NOW"?
    Lt Colonel... Is the terrorist unit referred to as "SMOOTH CRIMINAL" among the potential suspects?
    As fine as I can, I suppose. I've been working with Jezza lately trying to revitalize the Roleplaying section.
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