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  • Haha I don't know what it is about romance, but even a little of it can go along way in a series for me. I hate when a series that teased a romance comes to an end and nothing came of it, that's honestly very frustrating to me. I've been reading a lot of Bakuman lately, and I was very pleased and surprised at just how much romance plays a part in the story.

    And I remember I was on a Final Fantasy forum for a while. I had a couple of friends here on KHI that left this site and started moderating their own, so I joined up on it just to stay in contact with them. It never really took off though, and died after a while. I joined the forums for a big PlayStation trophy site as well, but it never much gauged my interest like this place does.
    Ship and let ship, I've never heard that one before but what a way to live! But wow, just wow, to call someone delusional or blind over Ichigo and Orihime sounds... Ironic, haha. Getting into shipping and one true pairings always intrigues me though. While I mostly watch shonen-esque stuff, I love a good romance thrown in there.

    And I've been here since sometime in 2007, so we've both had our fair share of experience and stories over the years haha. KHI sure is a special place, it's the only forum I've ever stuck around.
    Hahaha, it's all good. I accepted years ago that Ichigo and Rukia wouldn't happen. As much as I prefer it, I wasn't exactly holding out hope, it seemed kind of obvious where the couples were heading. I appreciate your condolences though rather than sheer rubbing my face in the mud haha.

    And I'm Max (obviously), went by Max-souleater on the forums back in the day. Its nice to meet you as well! While we've never talked before, hopefully this will be the beginning of a wonderful friendship!
    That's pretty cool your cousin is into RWBY and a Bumblebee shipper! C: I'll reply more to our VM soon! I only have a few more minutes online before I have to go. *happens to be on vacation, sort of*
    In that case, I hope it works out for you, Theart! C: You make it sound like so much fun working at an arcade! I didn't know arcades could sell ice cream! Glad it's not a difficult job and you're enjoying yourself there.

    I kind of remember that skit, but I feel like I've missed it making those references. xD Otherwise, I can totally understand being a sucker for Bumbleby. I really hope they'll end up together because, I've recently started to ship them together at the end of season three. Which reminds me, I wanted to marathon RWBY 1-3 today. Whoops. Anyways, I agree Ren has really stood out. And I like how obvious it is that he's being shipped with Nora.

    The funny thing about that is that I've never actually watched South Park except for recently. C: Whoa, that's so cool you're a sponsor! I might become one eventually. For now, I plan on waiting till season four of RWBY starts to try out the free trial. It's pretty cool you get a lot of benefits from being a First tho.
    I hope your laptop gets fixed in time before your classes start, Theart. C: Glad to hear your life is going well. How's working in an arcade? Arcades makes me think of Five Nights at Candy's/Freddy's. xD

    That's good to hear! I've been watching it a lot too. =3 Camp Camp is pretty good. I'm doing what I can to keep up with it because, I like Dave and Max on there. I haven't watched Day Five either. Are you a sponsor or member there? I joined RT awhile ago to be able to watch stuff a little bit ahead of time without having to get a sponsor ship. xD
    Hey Theart! I'm doing good, enjoying my new username and doing stuff around the forum, while I can, and waiting for my laptop to fix itself. xD How are you doing? How's life? Have you been watching RWBY Chibi at all? And do you watch any of the other shows on Rooster Teeth? :D
    I agree it was! I love Velvet's weapon the most. <3 Glad to hear you're doing alright. :) ooh, so I take it you won't have any homework and most of the day off, except for one class; which is nice.

    There better be more scenes with Blake and Yang after this! There's a huge debate on whether or not Yang will get her arm reattached or a cyborg arm. OH! I'll have to check it out and reply then! I haven't been in there since yesterday evening. So I'll definitely reply to you on that. ;) Thanks for letting me know!
    No kidding! It was quite shocking! :O How are you, Theart? :D Excited for the finale of RWBY?
    Hey Theart, how are you doing lately? Also, you've kept your KLK avie for so long. I think that's the longest time I've seen anybody hold onto their avatar except for OmniChaos.

    Even if its a little bit, consider me impressed! I was trying to learn how to say hello, but rolling the r's is a lot harder than I thought it'd be. ^u^ A Film Major is pretty cool! Well, I wish you the best on your new year of college.
    Can you speak Russian, Theart? I forgot to ask you that in my excitement. =3 Are you starting another year of college? I know quite a few people who have around here on the forum. :3 Long as it's a good time hanging out with your friends, then that's what matters most, right? Also, how're you doing lately?

    Thanks. xD
    Indeed it is! xD Glad you're doing well too! What's Russian homework like? Is there a lot of it? I take it you're in college then? ooh, hanging out with friends is the best! What do you like to do with your friends, if you don't mind me asking? I had this hunch you might've roleplayed before, but wasn't sure. I might've just seen your name in one of the rps at some point or another. No idea. Kinda a random question, I guess. lol.

    Time sure does fly. I can agree with you there. =D Oh. Sorry if I'm a little enthusiastic or overly cheerful; I get like that when I drink too much coke/pepsi or get nervous. lol.
    I'm doing good and avoiding responsibilities! xD How about yourself, Theart? Speaking of which, you wouldn't of happened to roleplay any on the forum, did you? I couldn't remember and wanted to ask, but figured it'd be best to do it here. And you're welcome! =D Six years is a lot, even if others have been around longer than either of us.
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~! Me too. I shipped their friendship hardcore so I'm glad it blossomed into more. ;~;

    It's nice to see how many people on the forums are really supportive of the relationship. I've gotten more love for this avatar than any other that I can remember. Though, the Avatar thread was totally the most popular thread on the forums. xD
    That's the beauty of those two games. Any linked game code will work so you can look one up online and play a linked Seasons game using someone elses Ages code. x'D

    It really is! =D It's amazing what a fan can do cause that is exactly how she looks in her latest to be released game.
    thats good to hear,

    Glasses, eh? how do feel about that. I've been wearing mine. since third grade.
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