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  • I was reading my VM from earlier....*coughletsstayintouchcough* so sorry that I didn't come here anymore, life kept me very busy! How have you been, what have I missed? :)
    Wow, you're going to stay there for a looong time lol. When exactly next year do you leave for Australia?

    Aww thankies <333 My e-mail address: love_4_u195@hotmail.com

    Let's stay in touch!
    Max, omg HEY! It's sooo good to hear from you : ) and don't apologize, I'm sure you were very busy. I'm supergood, how are you? Hope you've been fine as well!

    Wow, that's so great that you are going to study in Australia!! This is really great news. Are you going there as an exchange student? And how long are you going to be in Australia?
    I wanted to tell you this much sooner (I had no clue if you were ever going to log in on KHI again!) but I am also going away to study for a year in Tokyo, Japan : DDD I'll go in approximately a month and stay there for a year : ) Unbelievable but true, I also get a scholarship for that time :3

    Is there a way to stay in touch somehow? Do you have MSN maybe, or are you on facebook? We could also exchange e-mail addresses if there's nothing else. : )
    3laina oo 3laik

    lol aham shay,ana 3ksk...ma gmt 7eb el montdayat el3rabiya..a7es enhom malal,,,mnee a7la :D
    enta kh fan wella bas chethee da5l? :)
    tmam el 7mdella,,wel n3em badr :D
    wallah ma tewa8a3t ena feeh kuwaiti fee hal maw83 :p

    ana 9ayerli t8reeban 3-4 sneen bhal mw83 knt "lurker" :p
    bas sajjalt feeh last year
    m3ak Suleiman ^.^
    O_O! OMG! holy crap bro! yeah, I think I was still ShadowRikuRising before you left ^^;
    Wow these are nice!! Really, I especially like your shading :)

    ...which reminds me, I need to start drawing again ;__;
    Ahh the exact oposite with me,
    im about to become inprisionated.
    I start school again in one day,
    Im not happy....

    And thanks
    Bumblebee showed me a pic, I loved it so much he made it to me in an avie XD
    Of course I do!!!
    Hey Max!
    Im okay, very sleepy at the moment only just got up.
    What about you?
    What have you been up ta?
    :) Nice to hear from you!

    Don't worry, I'm in the middle of my exams as well. ;__; I wish you the best of luck!


    OMG it's been sooo long ;_; Where have you been all this time?! How are you, and what have you been up to lately?
    I'm doing fine :D I'm a university student now, so I don't live at home anymore. I've been quite busy with uni and homework and stuff, so I haven't been on a lot either xD

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