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  • Long time no see, Iridium.How's life treating you? I thought I would also ask if you are on PSN by any chance.If so, what's your name? XD
    Nobody's vm'd you in two years? Well, let an old friend break the silence, and say hey.So, how are you doing? ^_^
    No kidding :3

    It's good to hear from you, Iri~ we haven't spoke since, like, a full year or so. lol

    How's it going?
    Last Activity: 3 days ago

    Damn, I can never seem to catch you online. :C
    Hey hey :D I'm doing very well, thank you for asking :)
    Just been popping in and out for short visits here, busy life doesn't allow for more but I'm happy as it is xD

    How are you? :) You seem to be busy as well! But that's just how it is, when you get older I guess.
    Anything new with you?
    No need to apologize for having a life. :p Yup, life has been treating me just fine. I've actually been working out to lose weight and get fit. It started two weeks ago, and so far I've lost 16 pounds. :D I take it you're in college or something? :eek:
    Wow, yeah dude, you must be busy, I don't think I've seen you online in years. How's life though? Also, assuming trends continue, how's the month of april going? and if it's even later, has the world ended?
    It was an adorably dorky and derpy pic and I felt like making an avatar out of it?
    It suits me; admit it.
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