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  • Haha, it's okay.

    Married life is great :) But it's not really that different since we have been together for so long already,haha! But it feels great to finally put a ring on it :)
    Dan :D

    I'm fine. And guess what guess what?? I got married a few weeks ago! :D

    And let's just say that I just couldn't stay away from this place... bleh.

    I was really surprised to see you here!
    I'm doing pretty good. Working as always. I hadn't been here for so long and wanted to check it out. I miss the dark style forum. I don't really like what it looks like now.
    Holy crap, a while indeed. Good to see you!

    I'm doing pretty good, what about you? How come you checked in on the forums all of a sudden? :D
    Pretty good. Revising a story for class and going to have it turned to a manga. Going to audition for a solo part in the Christmas concert. Getting hugs just about every day from a guy named John at school. He's a freshman and is like in love with my best friend, but he's still sweet+hott. Got a cell phone for my 17th birthday and have been using it almost nonstop.

    How about you?
    Actually to be honest, I haven't played it eithier although I'm trying to get the money for my own DS...but slowly through good grades. That or I have to get a job. D:

    I'm waiting for Birth By Sleep too! That game looks so exciting!
    College is keeping me busy but otherwise I'm doing okay. I see. No, I know what you mean and completely understand.

    I took a short hiatus because of college and such. Have you played 358/2 Days yet?
    Hehe.. I've actually not been online so much lately myself.. Other than that, I'm working working and working and I don't really do much other than that.
    Daaaaaan! How are you? How's life? Haven't spoken with you for a while now....
    Haha yeah :p And I just got the name change today actually. o_O

    And Arc quit a while ago I think. I came back to play the Inferno and have been enjoying myself and meeting new friends.

    How have you been?
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