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  • D:

    You're still getting snow? Oh boy.
    Do you live alone in your own house, or do you live in a flat or something similar? Wouldn't there be anybody else who could help you with clearing snow all the time?
    Working from home, too? Geez.

    So I guess the bad snowy weather is over at your place at the moment?
    Hey Dan, just enjoying my Sunday. <3
    I've been working in the garden a little bit until just now.

    How's your day been so far?
    Its ok, Im the same lol. Its helpdesk support on Unix systems. It can be kinda tricky. I'm still trying to get the hang of it.
    Haha I see. It's really not bad :3 So, did I actually already ask you what kind of job your new one is, or didn't I? Forgive my bad memory ;_;
    Yeah its just work from home though. Ill be on my laptop all morning. Its not that bad. I can relax in my jammies!
    They need you on Saturday and Sunday morning? What kind of company is that? xD;;
    lol yeah it is. I have to wake up early and work for a few hours Sat and Sun though. Every 3-4 weeks so I guess it's not bad. Im ok, just glad its Friday!
    I assume that's your work time :) Well yes, since I'm six hours ahead you can find me online between 4 and 6.
    Hey Dan! I can't log on MSN right now since I'm using a different computer at the moment, so...I just wanted to say hi! Hope you're doing well. <3
    Hey! Not much really. Just school and graphix. The usual.
    Had an awesome three-day weekend though. 8]

    Great to hear that =) And yep, I'm certainly enjoying my time off >=D Thanks!
    It's nice to hear that :3 So you don't have to work so much anymore, which is nice :D

    I am still working for the same company. The only difference is that now I work Monday to Friday 7 to 4. It's in the corporate office. It's nice. It's mostly computer work so it's right p my alley. It's a lot better than being in the restaurant. Well I hope we can talk soon!
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