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    D.Gray-man 219 - Manga Stream
    Just wanted to personally thank you for creating the banner for The Mad Libber Contest. c: <3
    I would uve' been able to create it myself, however due to equipment problems the only time I get access to AI or PS is during school /.\
    S 004 - ienzo628's Sta.sh Hi, I am working on this piece of drawing. It's supposed to be Riku and Kairi rowing away from Destiny Islands as it is being consumed by darkness. I want it to make it look like all of this is happening as if they are in a storm.
    But I never posted a santa to be better of. I think you just got lazy or forgot how to spell merry christmas. =u=

    Hey I'm new to this forum, but I need some help with the U.S. english ps3 Kingdom Hearts 2.5 BBS. So I completed all the stories on critical, but without paying attention I saved over my ventus save data and now that I want to play the secret episode I only need that 12th report :( I was wondering if anyone could upload a save file for ventus for me so I can get the file and complete the final episode ?
    Then i'm not sure on that one myself. Have you tried asking one of the 2.5 threads? Seems like I seen one for glitches.
    Nah. To much work. =u=

    Hmm...It has to be glitch img then or perhaps you forgot to attach the sticker? You gotta arrange them so you get the maximum of 7 points per picture.
    I'm over that sh*t. I done beat them all on critical once, don't need to do it again~ xD

    Definitely, her and her jiggling chest~ xD
    THen you shouldn't be missing one. o_0
    I just played critical to get the secret endings. That's all I'm doing though. I'll save fun stuff like extras and bosses for a standard mode. xD

    I have Aqua left actually. Check the journals. There should be an empty spot of you missed a sticker somewhere.
    Me to. One of the best additions are everything in Xmas town. Started KH2 early solely so I could get there and be festive. xD

    Oh oh did you get renewal guard?! xD it makes the guard-counter thing three times easier.
    Finally got to Xmas town in kh2. The gangs Christmas forms make me feel all jolly.
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