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  • Well, I gotta do the HR4 urgent which is repelling an Ashen Lao-Shan Lung. Then it's a few more easy kill quests. The urgent for that one is either the Narga, or the 2 Tigrexes again. Then the intro to G-Rank is another Shen Goraen, or the Akantor. Idrk. It's go time then.
    Haha those two monster quests can be so obnoxious. Luckily, in the bigger maps they're not such a problem. I never use dung bombs... I actually kinda forgot they were a thing. Shoot.

    I beat the main MHFU game. I killed the Akantor after several cheap deaths. Now, I gotta work to G-Rank where the real fun begins.
    Haha, you'll get there. Well, you might want to do Guild Quests every now and again, because they're slightly harder versions of the same quests you're doing, so you don't want to get to the end of the caravan stuff, and have to redo a bunch of stuff from early on in the game. It's tedious and boring that way.
    Yeah, I like the faster load times xD

    So, yeah. Tigrexes are terrible. The problem with the area that they are in, Snowy Mountains, is that for whatever coding reason, they tend to overlap into the same area. And they're not exactly big. Two are, but the Tigrex is a freaking bulldozer. It is constantly charging, throws snow boulders, and rages twice as often as most monsters. It hits like a truck, and trying to fight Melee is easier, but you get hit all the time. Bows are best, but hunting two is a total pain because you tend to run out of coatings by the time you get to the second one. And again, there's the trying to avoid both of them problem. With other monsters it is easier, but the Tigrex has always been a thorn in my side.
    Nono, the 2DS is weaker than the New 3DS. 2DS and Regular 3DS are just as powerful as each other.

    Got the set. Oh my gosh I love it. The bow plus Evade Distance Up (and gemming in trap master) means I don't get hit unless I'm sloppy, and I can set up traps and bomb in a blink of an eye. Ah it's so much fun. Two Lg. Barrel Bomb+'s and BAM. Broken body parts a minute into the fight. I need to figure out how to sleep bomb better though. If I can master that, I can wreck monsters in my sleep. No pun intended.

    I'm stuck on a mission where I have to fight two Tigrexs. Ugh. Hate that monster so much.
    2DS is very small. More comfortable weight wise, but having to constantly hit the right bumper for the camera makes things difficult. Also, with the slower GPU, the game does not run as smoothly.

    I jailbroke my iPad. I use an iPega controller. It has two joysticks for camera and movement, so I don't have to repeat the "claw" from the PSP era. Beat the Nargacuga twice today. No, three times. I'm farming for the bow and the gunner set. I really really like my bows in MHFU. I'll definitely be utilizing them to help out with getting my Dragon Bow "Earth" upgraded once I can do G-Rank at the Guild.
    When I first started playing, I liked great swords. But I sucked, so I always died. Then I used a hammer for a bit, gave up on that, and I forgot what I used then. Move on to MHFU, and I really fell in love with Long Swords. I only used Long Swords in Tri, and also the shark lance, which got me a small reputation on one of the online servers for soloing online Uragaans until I got the full set. People were seriously floored. What they didn't know was that I was hunting the mini uragaan xD Move onto MH3U I really fell in love with SnS and Hammers. I had both Barioth swords, nearly G rank, and the Jhen Moran Hammer, which is literally the tip of his horn with a handle.

    Now I'm playing MHFU on iPad and I use a variety of weapons. Hammer is my official favorite, because of the raw power, but also because I can kick major arse. I'm using Onslaught Hammer which is a giant anvil ^^ I also use lances for my Shen Goraen set, which is a defensive set. Then I use the shinobi set with Dragon Bow Earth, because I realized how awesome bows are. I also have a full Kushala Doara set, because focus is why I can wreck with the hammer. I'm also kind of sad because Nargacuga is super hard in MHFU, and was seriously nerfed in MH3U. Sigh.
    Oh yeah. It's one of my favorite series. I haven't played 4 because playing on a 2DS is pretty hard. But I say Cross and I'm very very excited.

    I put 200+ hours into MHF2 when I was a kid. Later I put 300+ into MHFU for PSP, then 200+ into MH3 on will, 200+ into MH3U, and then about 100 into MHFU on iPad. Yeah... I have a slight problem xD But I enjoy the challenge.
    the channel was registered to my name, hence why I was always operator. but I hadn't lived in frequently enough so it got dropped, hence the title being list and you having op status
    Ok gotcha. I was just going to mention a few other interesting things, but I feel you. Well and, I'm looking for more something like 'that's cool', 'that's interesting', or 'that's lame' sort of feedback. Basically just getting a general idea of what others think of the premise. What do you think/how do you feel about the idea and description I posted?
    Hey sorry for the late response. For sure, I appreciate the feedback! Are you still interested in hearing about some of the details about the story? I know that I have a brief description on my art page, but if you're interested I can send you a PM.
    Cool, thanks again for checking it out! I'm actually kind of glad that you have some complaints. As for the one in the middle, are you referring to the guy with dark, spiky hair (and dark lips)? Or the woman with extra arms? May I ask particularly what about it you found to be strange so that I may improve upon it? As for the other guy with the strange outfit, I see what you mean. I do want to have strange, abstract, or surreal designs, but I don't want strange=stupid lol.
    Thank you for the compliment and for checking it out! I'm really glad that you liked some of it. I actually just showed this stuff to one of my friends earlier this week and she really liked the Doom Charm as well. She said that she would wear it if it was real. It was pretty cool to hear that. I still have two more images to post- one is of characters & people/faces and the other contains environments/places, etc.

    Oh hey, you're right, I see it! Lol Wormadam. The shape/form is basically the same, but these guys will be a bit more threatening and than any Wormadam lol. I can honestly say that I have never raised or used one in my life, and I probably never will!
    Is that so? Well, I'm glad to hear that then! I've actually uploaded three images, so if you wanna check those out you can now. I intended on writing out all the descriptions and pertinent info before posting, but eh whatever. I will eventually. Everything right now is rough, conceptual, and unfinished. But here you go!

    Cosmic Amarna by CosmicAmarna on DeviantArt
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