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  • Self taught rulez!

    Weeeell I'll admit I was crappy too when I started XD Despite how long I've drawn I feel it's only recently that I've been good at it.
    It's really cool you've started taking it seriously (and I think I'll bookmark those links too) and I hope you have a great time learning art stuff in the Fall.
    Just a simple hobbyist.
    Thanks. I really love and have a lot of fun doing those humanized Pokemon.(I completely forgot I use to call them God Pokemon *laughs*)
    Back in the States, but still battling jetlag. That is a rough bit of news from Toby's Island, though kudos to the writer for being so even-handed in his depiction of the split. I'll be on the set of a new movie this coming Sunday thru next Sunday, so still busy for a little while I'm afraid. I may have time Friday or Saturday for a quick Skype.
    It's old stuff but I have a lot posted at Fanart Central.

    Aside from those, on a thread (I think from last year) about Sora's parents, I did a Xemnas. I have know idea what in that thread inspired this but here it is.
    Hey, sorry to ask this so late, but what is Wednesday night like for you? If it's free, could we possibly switch to that evening? If not, I'll still get online as close to nine as possible tonight, but I just thought I should ask.
    Cool, we'll have to test that. I'm afraid I may be late to this week's Skype convo, but I'll try to be online as close to 9 as possible.
    Sorry for the late notice, but can we push back our convo to tomorrow? I've got a busy evening today and an early morning Wednesday.
    It sounds pretty good and very thought out. The idea seems original, too. I don't know what else to say. xP
    Lol, I'm horrible at story, so I won't be able to help you with that at all. xD
    I'm okay with the quick description you posted and besides, it's better to experience the story and lore in the game, than knowing it beforehand.
    Yeah, the guy with the spiky hair (that resembles Sora's a lot) and black lips. I don't know if it's the lips, but his face kind of reminds me of a reptile. I just find it weird but I don't know why, I can't put my finger on it so I can't give much criticism. Thanks for hearing out my complaints xD
    Nice! The places looks amazing! The faces look really well done, too, but some of them are a bit strange like the center one. I'm guessing that's intentional, though. The guy on the top left, the one that you drew with a body, looks the strangest to me. Especially his outfit, I understand it is supposed to be futuristic or advanced, but it just looks poorly designed. It looks too random and since they are supposed to be technologically advanced, why would they wear something so impractical? Maybe fashion, but it still seems a bit off to me.
    Wow! You are a very good artist! Those look amazing! I like your item designs, they look very simple, unique, and with interesting mechanics like the charms. The Malignome reminded me of Wormadam, lol:
    It's beautiful. ;~; Did you draw it traditionally and then digitally paint it or did you digitally draw it?
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