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Oracle Spockanort
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  • Hey Spock, out of curiosity, what are your profile image and bottom art from?
    Oracle Spockanort
    Oracle Spockanort
    It's from a Chinese wuxia drama called "The Untamed". It's about an "evil" man who is brought back to life by a strange curse and he has to figure out the mystery of how he was brought back and why, which lead into a larger murder mystery in the story.

    It's based on a series of highly popular (and I mean super popular) romance novels in China called "Mo Dao Zu Shi", but the difference between the novels and the books is that the main characters are gay in the books while the show is not a romance and is primarily about the murder/mystery component.

    The show is really good and I recommend it if you have Netflix. If you don't, there is a completely re-edited version of it on YouTube for free by Tencent called "The Untamed - Special Edition" which cuts about 20 episodes from the show and makes it a bit easier to watch.

    There is also an animation which is amazing and can get really intense. Both seasons are up on YT right now for free with closed captions in English.
    Well I'll definitely check it out then (1st episode already in a tab). Thanks for the recommendation!
    Oracle Spockanort
    Oracle Spockanort
    No problem! I hope you enjoy it!

    (And yeah censorship sucks and I hope one day China will be free from that, but they did what they could in the story to make it clear they are each other's most important person)
    I understand you enjoy conversation and debating with users on subjects that interest you, but sending PMs to users who do not respond to you in their threads and seek to not continue discussion with you is a form of harassment.

    I know other moderators have banned you temporarily for this exact issue. If you continue to do this, I will have to ban you again.
    The difference here was that I was blocked the first time because I had a heated disagreement with the users who wanted to have Tangled the Series in a future KH game and my heated arguments with these users resulted in my block for two weeks.

    What happened with me a few days ago was a Different Situation when someone had nothing else to add when I responded back to them on the thread @Oracle Spockanort.
    Please stop.

    If a user does not respond to your quote response, they likely do not have anything they wish to add to the discussion or do not want to continue the discussion. Let the other user make the decision if they want to further a discussion.
    I'll stop with PM Harassment, but let's not forget @Oracle Spockanort you also literally called my comment "moot" back on the Tangled thread and not having ANYTHING you wish to add when I responded back to you.
    Hey Spock, how do I request an admin to delete a message on a thread I started? Is there a thread?
    Think a sticky at the top of the spoiler section with "Warning: Spoiler tag your posts even if this is the spoiler section" might help? I notice a lot of people aren't following it and you and Chaser look like you're about to faint from heat exhaustion right about now.
    Now I'm the king of the swingers, oh
    The jungle VIP
    I've reached the top and had to stop
    And that's what botherin' me
    I wanna be a man, mancub
    And stroll right into town
    And be just like the other men
    I'm tired of monkeyin' around!
    Oh, oobee doo
    I wanna be like you
    I wanna walk like you, talk like you, too
    You'll see it's true someone like me
    Can learn to be like someone like you
    Now don't try to kid me, mancub
    I'll make a deal with you
    What I desire is man's red fire
    To make my dream come true
    Now, give me the secret, mancub
    Come on, clue me what to do
    Give me the power of man's red flower
    So I can be like you
    Oh, oobee doo
    I wanna be like you
    I wanna walk like you, talk like you, too
    You'll see it's true someone like me
    Can learn to be like someone like you

    Now you might think it's ridiculous
    That me, a gigantipithicus
    Would ever dream I'd like to team
    With the likes of you, mancub
    But together, we'd have powers
    All the jungle's treasures, ours
    I got desire, you got the fire
    But the dream I dream takes two
    So, ooh, I wanna be like you
    I wanna use that flame just the same you can do
    Oh, how magnificus it would be
    A gigantipithicus like me
    Could learn to do like you humans do
    Can learn to be like someone like you
    Can learn to be like someone like me
    i meant as in music in old games especially 0.2.

    just because you are staff doesn’t give you the right to threaten others. ban me, i dont give a toss.
    Hey, um, not sure if you remember me or anything but, if you ever do read this, I just want to say that I am truly, very sorry if I offended. I said some things that were very incorrect and very ignorant. I shouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss an entire genre, and extending that to an entire race only added more fuel to the fire. I promise that you won’t hear something so stupid from me again.

    I can totally understand if you don’t forgive me. It’s completely justified. But I just want you to understand that I’m in a different place now and saying stuff the way I did just wasn’t right.
    Well after a few years I’m back in school. I’ve moved twice, had a wonderful girlfriend but the distance eroded us back into friends. I’m taking an English classs, and trying to write my own novel. Also really into My Hero Academia. Even if I don’t have a Switch or PS4. I’m still super excited for KH3 and FF Crystal Chronicles remastered.
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