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  • Should totally have asked earlier (it was early, what can I say) l, how did you find it?
    Hey there! Yeah, I got Root Letter for Christmas, and I've just finished all the endings. I thought it was a pretty okay game. I wasn't enjoying it much at first, but I kinda got into the mystery aspect of it. Wasn't too keen on the reasonings in it, but it was fun to unravel it. Talking to the classmates and finding who they were was really fun. Also the game is really, reaaaally pretty. All the locations look really nice.

    I do not like the Max Gauge though. That was just confusing.

    I'm gonna clear it up for the Platinum now, like the Trophy Trash I am.
    oh, nevermind, i didn't see the thread for a second, seems it still exists q.q
    sorry! :s
    Hey, uh, just wondering why my thread about Nintendo approaching SE got deleted?
    Heey, how are you doing?

    Was just wondering, why did my post in the "Report a Member/Thread"-topic get deleted? Did I say something wrong or was it not justified or something? ^^
    Heh, almost forgot to thank you for that nifty Yuffie-award.
    I'm always convincing myself that I'm not overly hyped but it seems it is nonetheless the case and this got drowned in theorizing and anti-spoiler-buffer-posts. ;D
    I'm trying to give you photos as proof of my fulfilled conditions for those awards. But when I post they come up blank.
    Hey Spock, would you find it too terribly annoying if I put in a bunch of requests for awards? Just some I think would be nice to have; just some simple ones like: KH 1.5, KH 2.5, Bravely Default, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy VII PC, Kingdom Hearts DDD. There are two awards I'm striving to receive like Keyblade Master (I know pretty much everything about KH), and Jimminy's Journal (Where I earned 99% in KH2). I'm only asking because I've come to you before about this and it usually turns out pretty well.
    That's it? Huh, I thought I'd need to make some very specific claims to get it.
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