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  • Don't apologize, it's alright :'D none of my acquaintances says Merry Christmas to me anyway since they celebrate it on the 25th lol I don't mind
    it's nice that you remembered though, I thank you and send you a warm hug! u w u Christmas days are ongoing right now, but I am already in my uni's city, so that was a two day Christmas celebration for me as in all years because of school
    Strange enough, I got what I wanted but all over the year's timeline, my birthday and Christmas presents mixed and I got them before, like Dark Souls and Undertale for PS4 and stuff like that xD
    oh um, to avoid confusions, 16th December is Beethoven's bday, and as far as I know 16th May is the birthday of ... Megan Fox so
    I don't know if this is any good after all xD

    Not really... but .. I take things very symbollically. You see, the past 4 years of my life were extremely hard, and all things went to hell especially in December, as some kind of twisted ritual. Naturally I was expecting the worst but... it didn't happen. This year I fixed a lot of my issues and it shows I learnt from my mistakes and did not repeat them. This December I am free of the cruel loop I was in before. Now that my birthday is over, after this moment of extreme self-reflection, I realize.. things are going fine, and will continue so. I still can't believe it, as if I can't trust this feeling of tranquility. Will it stay...? Will it prove to be false...? I doubt so, I feel it won't, yet I can't help but still be afraid in a sense...
    but those are just the insecure rambles of a Sagittarius ehehehh...
    no worries! thanks for the bday wish anyway ^^ yes it was the 16th, just like Beethoven's birthday hahah
    (I'm just glad my birthday is finally over..)
    I failed Arima it seems, I only cared enough for Kaneki aaaaa weeellllll
    Ah I saw on facebook and
    Is it your birthday today?
    It can't possibly be a fake date riiight like Kaneki's birthday xD ?
    oh, I will check tht out too, but for now, I added the Firefox extension called "Tumblr Saviour" which can hide certain posts tagged with specific tags and a lot of other stuff as well
    though I would really just want this one thing of hiding Nier posts, just because the game seems way too beautiful for me to want to have any spoilers about it
    I mean I dont even know the characters and I think I am becoming too fond of the blindfold white-haired guy who's always with the protag already ; w ;
    Oh my first impulse on Flowey wasn't killing him (because I killed Toriel and I never wanted to kill ever again!! *cries loudly*) but instead it was "WTF IS THIS BOSS FIGHT it all looks like a disgusting photoshop edit from the early 2000s!!" and well after that the wiki tells the boss name is really Photoshop Flowey... Damn I died so many times during that battle, I wanted to quit since I didn't know that I just had to try over and over to actually beat him. I thought it's gonna be an eternal battle I will forever lose! God was I wrong. It's the Sans battle that is the eternal battle I will forever lose lol

    well anyway Flowey was the boss of a Neutral run so that is not the true ending. I assume you played the game twice, just to get the True Pacifist ending afterwards :'D that run made me love Asriel so much, though I... see myself in him, he had been in an abusive friendship and I can relate to that... There is a very good analysis of this on a tumblr blog.. it's here if you wanna have a look, but take your time. :']
    I want to get into the university atmosfere back as days go by haha, hearing your positive outlook on uni life is encouraging, you know?

    I also didn't want to do the Genocide run, I think I didn't touch the game for a week or so, but then I knew I had to get the story content out of it, only to enlarge my knowledge on it. But... it hurt a lot. On my first Neutral run I did the mistake of killing Toriel because of the RPG instincts of course... I regretted it always and even had a nightmare about the game whenI reached the Core and Sans talked about her... So I knew it's gonna be horrible to do the Genocide run, one must be a pretty strange fella to actually find fun in this run, I didn't find anything fun to play in Genocide, the fighting (which was cruel and repetitive, much like unnecessary grinding but with the addition of you feeling sorry for it all) wasn't fun to play, so much of the story simply disappeared and so many areas were excluded, Genocide is a lonely road with no moments of joy. I am very fond of Papyrus and Mettaton (especially Mettaton) and their battles were just heartache. I knew I could OHKO Mettaton Neo and this fact was simply incredibly painful... But I regretted killing Flowey the most. Just the most. Well, in truth, by that point Frisk is not Frisk anymore and the player doesn't control Frisk, instead Chara fully moves the body of Frisk into attacking Sans that one last undodge-able time, Asgore and then Flowey... and then you and the world. Ugh, talk about inevitable ending. Short, Genocide is really not fun... and the fact that Chara deletes your files after the game ends is EVIL. If I wouldn't have had copied the files from the Pacifist run and the pre-Sans battle ones in separate folders on my desktop, Chara would have ruined my chance of ever getting a true Pacifist ending again, corruption extreme! I personally found this aspect really disturbing D:

    You can always do a second Pacifist run, even though I only realized how evil Resets are after talking again to Flowey after the Pacifist ending... Really, the ability to reset would make me be scared of myself if I were in-game... while the thought gives me the chills irl lol But to be honest, if you'd ask me, I would recommend researching the mysteries around Sans and Gaster, those are by far the most interesting things one can tie to Undertale characters.
    Heyaz, dear Hemmo! Vacation lasts till the end of September and I still enjoy my time while thinking about my art license slowly
    I love Undertale so much!! The game theories for this game are fascinating to drown in, the multiple timeline aspect is one thing, then the quantuum physics around Sans, then the mystery of Gaster, then the psychology of Chara and overall the rules by which the Undertale universe works, I am glad I decided to dive in xD I love the characters as well, a whooole bunch, but I tend to stay away from the fandom, as I heard and was warned it's one of the most toxic fandoms out there. Several youtubers also mentioned the huge amount of hate comments they got on their perfectly normal videos. I try to search for beautiful, nice fanarts and get the most intellectual stimulation out of everything. It surely was my cup of tea, but the mechanics are insane sometimes... I still didn't beat Sans on Genocide (though I hacked my way to see the story ending, copied my files so that I can get back to the fight whenever I want) - I tried for hours and hours, he has 24 attacks (pardon, I now checked and they're 25 with the last one entering the last cutscene-like phase) in total and I manage to get to attack number 19 or 20 and then I "geeeeeeet duuuuuunked ooooon" T w T................... did you play it too? Oh I would love to discuss this game xD
    About Luna, Tabata and others from the crew said that some scenes where scrapped from the game because it would have led to possible unpleasant discussions, and that is because the scenes would have Luna being abused in some linds of ways, as it was hinted in one of the trailers, when one MT soldier took her arm and threw her on the ground. Physical abuse on one hand and probably phychological/emotional abuse as well. Not an easy job being a young Oracle under Niflheim rule...
    Luna's side has more connection to Noctis and the contemporary, while Ardyn has connection to the past, the Old Age, gods and legends, I guess it's only my curiosity for this mythos side of FFXV that would make me wish for an Ardyn DLC over a Luna DLC, though honestly "why not both?" Lol

    Regarding SNK, I see I am the middle of the current progress indeed. That is less discouraging that I expected xD

    Enjoying a series on my own is something I learnt only recently, though I did it before with the illusion of being in slme kind of fandom, and jeez is it golden, the peace given by your own pace at things

    The thing with the idea 'stealing', even though it's somehow scary, one should still put it in words because with so many people on this planet we dont even know what our diametrically opposed buddy on the globe is thinking the same way or not ^^;;

    Well, I am not sure if the war period is a subject that is going to be touched upon in the third year in art history class, but I myself am interested in WWI and WWII things and anything in-between, from uniforms to weapons, to philosophical backgrounds to political actions, so I am a bit familiar with the promotional war/politics art and posters that were largely used in manipulative ways, but I didnt search anti-war art from the same period yet. That's actually a bit ironic. Didnt hear about the artist you mentioned, but I will have a look soon :'] thanks!
    There was this Italian interview in which Tabata said, I'll translate a bit, "the main game tells Noctis's perspective of the story, what we want to do is add the perspectives of the 3 allies/partners and, in the end/finally, also [the perspective] of the final boss of the game, Ardyn." Whereas about including telling the perspective of Luna, Tabata mentions no plans and the rule we players know as "if a major number of people ask for this, the game creators will probably make it happen". Means that, perhaps, Luna's story isn't that much asked for, even thought I really like her character and design and all. Guess to me Ardyn and the old age is just more interesting atm.

    Please don't sink in the actual SNK hell which is the SNK shipping hurricane T o T it's what made me abadon the series a year ago basically, since then I only caught a glimpse every now and then I realize now... But now that I am detached, I want to watch the second season though I basically know the plot for that, I... think? How many chapters are there now?

    You're so lucky to be able to read and buy physical manga ; v ;
    If there'll be some Ardyn DLC in the future, and there are good chances there will be, once again I'll be like this to Square:
    It is not mentioned clearly that he is betrayed by his own family, but rather by a future king of Lucis not yet chosen by the Crystal, which is a quite weird statement as we know only Ardyn and then Noctis were Chosen Kings... Not "yet" could mean that he was chosen after that or that he wasn't chosen at all...
    Noctis seemed to understand that Ardyn did what he did not just out of hatred, vengeance and such. When Ardyn was on the ground, defeated, in the Citadel, Noctis says to him "This time... you can rest in peace.", which sounded so heartfelt that it made me question their behaviour - Ardyn sounded peaceful and smiled peacefully too, like knowing one more step is done, while Noctis didn't treat him as a villain, but rather as ... another actor that needed to fullfil his role to the end, like Noctis knew the core of the problems are not all evil, but also there is a greater good pursued by both... yes, by Ardyn too. And I am not talking only a personal goal of finding the cure for his torturous immortality (the cure = being defeated and struck down by someone powerful enough to erase him from the physical world, and then from the astral world/after life dimension too, so that he wouldn't have the possibility to come back. I assume each time Ardyn would normally physically die, like when Shiva gave him her freezing kiss, he would spend time in the astral dimension, then come back as he's exiled from it forever, thus not allowing him to just die and rest his soul there). So I can see these goals:
    ♣ curing his immortality and curse (this is for himself and his own peace);
    ♣ ending the lines of Kings and Oracles, Lucis kings and Tenebraen oracles that is (as an eventual vendetta for the king that betrayed him but isn't that too little of a reason to act like he did for millenias? I think it is too little, so, in other lines, ending the lines of kings and oracles also results in disconnecting mankind from the Gods and their magical powers completely. There is no king to wield magic and magical weapons or to allow others to use it and there is no oracle to communicate with the gods to ask for their help, magic, power, aid, cure, previsions, anything. Mankind is now disconnected and alone unless the gods will decide to communicate with mankind based on their own godly will. So this is for ending an important link that granted huge powers);
    ♣ leading and even training Noctis often the hard way into becoming more and more the Chosen King, destined King of Light, with the power to end the curse of gods and bring back the dawn (now tis is where things get deeper, as I read theories about Eos, Ifrit, Pitioss, Ardyn and the Scarscourge, and it all makes me think that Ardyn in fact cleansed a great sin that the goddess Eos made, and he did so by planning out the complete erase of... her children and "users" of her power, which were the kings, the oracles, and Ardyn himself. If I may, I found this and this video (but there are more narrated by this youtuber that go deeper on certain aspects and I honestly would recommend watching them even if they're long, they present quite interesting points) that basically present this theory and more, except for the "cleansed Eos's greatest sin which got her banished" part, which is my thought after hearing and reading all the stuff.)
    ♣ was there a point which said that Ardyn wanted vengeance on the gods? But he must know well that even an immortal man is still a man and no god, so I think the way vengeance against the gods would be achieved is only through going out of their way, undo what they did, so - undo the immortality curse and undo the connection with mankind through kings and oracles. In no way did he want to erase all gods from existence or kill them, he gave the knowledge to kill a god to the Empire (aaaand the empire killed Shiva indeed) but he did not proceed to lead the Empire towards killing other gods for some reason...
    Ah, well, my enthusiasm shows xD Ardyn always seemed off to me, I didn't suspect him to the the main villain and final boss not.a.single.second, can you believe that? I really thought Iedolas would be the main villain UNTIL the late, late, late chapters, so Ardyn managed to fool me somehow and that never happened to me before, I saw who's villain and who's hero in games with clarity always till now... Ardyn always seemed somehow sad, and somehow good-hearted, like... good-hearted-gone-wrong and... was he really all that corrupt I wonder? what does it mean he became corrupt after absorbing daemons (for the good purpose of healing people)? Because until the king betrayed and demonized him (again, now what does "betrayed him" and "demonized him" mean truly?), well, until that moment he, even with daemons absorbed, was considered a healer and loved by people. I wonder of what grave nature that betrayal could have been to turn him really from an angel-saviour figure of sorts to an assume-dangerous villain figure...
    Prince Hemmo, may I ask you, what is you impression and opinion of Ardyn? Because I am rather fond of his character, but I am still... "deciphering" him, you know?
    ooooooooooh, thank you! haha didn't expect someone to even mention it xD
    the last trophies I had to get were the max Cooking skill one, the Adamantoise, the 13 Armiger weapons and of course the got-all-trophies one. I had to camp a bunch of times for Ignis to level up his skill, as I didn't really use the camping thing, I most often just saved and continued on and on, then Altissia's 3.0 x EXP royal sweet-ass hotel was my best friend, that or the Galdin Quay before I finished the game. The Adamantoise fight was super easy, I used the Ring's Death magic many times and in the end the Adamantoise looked exxxxxtremely weird, and I couldn't use Overwhelm anymore because that one leg that Ignis always focused the party's attacks on was too thin and it disappeared underground completely, out of the attacks' reach ; w ; Luna's Trident was the best darn warp weapon for that hunt.
    Now I take a pause, I completed all quests, everything, except two easy Menace ones and the infernally hard Costlemark Menace one, and... beating Iris in the last chocobo race. Yea
    I love this game, no matter what salty internet people say
    My God Hemmo
    We didn't talk in a looooot of time
    I am sorry, I am not around KHI much anymore, taking a pause.. a long pause. But I am well. If you want to talk more or share photos and whatnot, you can add me on facebook, I most surely reply more there on messenger~ or give me your fb uwu
    I only got to play 14 hours of FFXV, and the Platinum Demo, then I had to go to my uni's city. I will play again around the date of 24th, when I go home for a few days, but until then no FFXV. I won't be able to finisht the game till spring break though!
    can you believe it, I spent 12 hours non-stop only exploring and battling and driving during nighttime and adoring the music and my mother starts crying when she hears Somnus in the menu
    The game is breathtaking so far and I am only at the beginning of Chapter 2. I can't possibbly imagine what is to come, but I am sure I will appreciate this piece of art with all my soul //tear
    You must have finished the game and everything long ago, you are well-versed in the FFXV info too, while I am still avoiding spoilers and not through with the main plot ; w ; ........
    It was my honest wish to give you this award,
    You're one precious member of these forums
    and one kind soul in this thorny world
    Hello! My Christmas didn't actually happen yet, my family and well, village follows the old Julian calendar so we celebrate holidays according to that, mostly. Ah, Ukrainians
    So Christmas is on January 6th for me, but we kinda celebrated it with our Romanian relatives, sang Christmas carols and all, .......and my and my mother were treated like utter garbage by 90% of the family because of old mentality things and... well I won't go into details, but it was a very hurtful and ugly Christmas for us so far
    I found relaxation in staying at the library and reading from a ton of books till the library closes at night xD It's delightful, how was I so blind and neglected my curious mind...
    Some darker and uglier things happened, I thought about the wrongest things and suicide too much, though I ended it all in December when I separated myself from the source of everything toxic. I'm hella better now, and sorry if this message is ambiguous, but for now I will let it be like this.
    This explains vaguely why I -truly- wasn't active on any of my usual websites. Or in life... but now I am taking it back. I take it in my own hands again and I won't let go of it.

    In the meanwhile, now that I am at the countryside at home for a week already and enjoying a loving environment (because my mom is an angel), I played AC Brotherhood and finished it these days :'D
    Also my FFXV Deluxe arrived, all those art commissions were worth it ; v ; but now I gotta do more and together with good grades at the uni ... someday I will get the money to buy the PS4 that I dream of for two years already... maybe.... this summer.. maybe...

    Well, my message is long, I felt that I need to make up for my lack of words these months ^^;;
    how are you, Prince Hemmo?
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