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    thats fine lol. just give me whatever FB you're okay with, i can add it. the cool thing about FB is you can leave a message and someone can reply to it later; its more user friendly than the mibbit chat
    It was a sweet match, Griezmann is adorable, at 25 years he's really talented ; w ; both goals were his
    Yes, we chat daily on skype, call/videocall when we can xD ahh........ I count the days till she's back > /////// >
    I am so glad for you, gosh, you got a TG artwork, that's something I would cry for!! ; w ; I think you will enjoy the Zelda games, I still need to try them myself. Didn't watch Steven Universe but the internet is obsessed with that series recently, I wonder why it is like that o ^ o...
    .................. o 7 o .......................................
    Hemmo, thanks for reminding me, yesterday when it was out, the next minute I downloaded the youtube video so I could watch it from my laptop without lazy internet, but then I forgot about it on my desktop aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I'll watch it today for sure!!!
    hemmo my dude

    wow i thought i friended you and everything. whoops. so you know that rebels group we got? i was wondering if you wanted in on the chat. you need an fb because its on messenger but if you dont have one i could help set you up with one.

    what do you say dude? i think the club would benefit having your words.

    Hello! This is how my vacation is going apparently xD at least for this evening, I am so so happy omg

    I'm drawing and drawing, trying to finish some things that I gotta, and I miss my friend Rita terribly much.... she is on vacation with no internet for the next 10 days and I miss our daily videochats and messages, but I am glad that she gets to see Portugal by ship! ; w ; I....feel empty tho ahh
    and how are ya, Prince Hemmo? ^^
    Her work sounds interesting, might as well remember her name and check it out someday~ ^^
    It's beautiful indeed, I can't deny that, entering a different atmosphere and mindset with each language you cover...
    I don't know if it's a matter of courage or patience xD probably patience more than courage...and self-control. For the rage moments o 7 o "
    Oh, I have a book that I received at the German national contest as a prize, it's called "Schwester" by Keto von Waberer and I have literally no idea what to expect from this book. I am already 50 pages into it and it's varied in situations, I don't quite get what feeling I should focus on... the appreciation of the older sister (the book being narrated by the younger sister) or the... quiet frustration towards her... Still don't know where this story is going, it's made up of lots of flashbacks so far, they don't really connect chronologically either, they are like random memories distant from each other. With short chapters, it's a simple yet enjoyable read, still I am not amazed or in love, I think, but I am intrigued...

    Today I found books by Boris Vian!!! I have read "L'?cume des jours" in the past and I was fascinated by the sweet strangeness of that book. It's like the meeting of reality and fantasy, like... reality flora drowned in fantasy syrup, with a shade of dark "something"... I recommend it wholeheartedly, it's a book that made me feel like I'm not alone, for some reason, and that's not even the subject of it xD A book very entertaining, like poetry in prose... And now that I found a collection of short writings of this author, I will probably enjoy reading them and I am sure that Boris Vian will surprise me and please my mind that already proves itself to have a fondness of... exccentric things. So yeah, long story short, I totally recommend you Boris Vian xD

    Days on level 1!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhahahah....... I died so many times in the beginning, till I got Block. Then, with lots of patience, it's definitely not an impossible task. You see, because we can change Roxas's keyblades and, therefore, his base stats (they change A LOT depending on keyblade), I guess Days on level 1 will be easier than BBS level 1. We'll see, I'm not too far in the game, I'll check which day I'm at later, but one thing is sure: right now I don't have the right abilities nor the right items to effectively finish Challenges, for Mission Crowns and Challenge Sigils...

    Regarding the books related to TG, I would definitely try them all, one after another. I already read Kafka and know about Hesse. Kafka is absolutely fascinating... mesmerizing, especially when you read it in the original language, German. I understand German just like a native speaker and I use this to read German writings in their original language all the time xD next on my German writings list is, of course, Goethe's "Faust"... I heard so many things about it, spoilers even, but I want to know the actual story
    You're lucky to find a nice job that is well-paid, I'm so glad for you ; w ;
    Me too, I have this feeling that I'd better not kill my joy till the games are out, too much speculation so close to the release would leave no surprise feeling and excitement to me...
    I'm finally well! Finally ; w ; drawing, finishing some commissions, planning to update my art accounts and threads and study and read and ah...all the lovely things I want to do in order to bring delight to my intellect <3

    I am sure that it will be an amazing read! xD I am very, very interested
    how are ya in general, Prince hemmo? ya still deep in the FFXV discussions?
    I did. Unfortunately, not a lot of it stood out other than crazy knife kid showing up again, swinging his scythe like a veritable badass. (Why can I never remember his name? ;A;)
    Ah... life got really crazy and a lot of stuff got put on hold, sorry. x'D

    Maybe I'll get back to it once finals are over.
    I heard about Bloodborne before, seemed like a nice game, but how is it actually? Very violent and gory or just your regular fantasy violence?
    Oh, Haise, hearing his name it feels somehow...empty. More if Ishida's art is always welcome, seeing her art makes me curious about digital art, so perhaps when I have a better laptop and the right software I will try digital art too, beside traditional~
    Right now I took a bit of time, drink my coffee like a true TG fan and Italophile as well aaaand it's good ; w ;

    By the way, is one of the trailers, young Noctis and Lunafreya mentioned certain blue flowers... They called them "sylleblossoms". When I google that, I don't get good results, but I am so curious about them. Are they a real species or just an in-game creation? Perhaps we could search it up and see what info we can discover on that...
    Gosh, I'll stay up one more hour... one more.... and then get my 4-5 hours of sleep until the event..... ; w ; I need to study for tomorrow, and it's not like we're fully into detailed anatomy like those at medicine university would study, but gotta love all the bones and muscles (even though it's so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh in so little time hhhhh)
    Good luck on your work! We're going to nail it! Yes! *sends ocean of positivity to Finland to make Prince Hemmo feel even stronger!*
    *.............also sends coffee!!!!!!*
    coffee is important, I got myself a coffee for 4 a.m. and it's waiting for me in the fridge lol (I don't have a coffee machine here in the apartment ; w ; )

    My week was surprisingly good! and still is! and now with all the FFXV madness, it's going to be even better <3 I so don't want bullshit news and spoilers right now, I too avoid large discussions now... how about you, how's life? ^^
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